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Strongest Console Leaderboard in History (P2)

8. Microsoft Xbox 360
Although released a year before the PlayStation 3, on November 22, 2005, the Xbox 360 had 9.6 gigaFLOPs over console belong to Sony 240 gigaFLOPS. With an ATI Xenos GPU clocked at 500MHz, the Xbox 360 delivers 12x more FLOPS than the first Microsoft console. Some games with notable graphics: Gears of War 3, Alan Wake, Dirt 3, Fight Night Champion, Viva Piñata, Crysis 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Halo 4, Dead or Alive 5 : Last Round.​


7. Nintendo Wii U
Released on November 18, 2012, Nintendo’s Wii U is powered by AMD’s Latte 550MHz graphics chip. It delivers up to 352 gigaFLOPS of performance, 29.3 times more than the original Wii engine. Some titles with notable graphics: Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


6. Nintendo Switch
The Switch is Nintendo’s only gaming device to date that offers a significant performance boost. With 2.8 times more power than the Wii U. Released not too long ago on March 3, 2017, Nintendo chose to focus more on portability rather than graphical power. The Nintendo Switch comes with an Nvidia Tegra mobile processor. Games with notable graphics: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Arms, Fast RMX.


5. Microsoft Xbox One
Released a few days after PlayStation 4, Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013. Microsoft’s console uses AMD Radeon graphics solution with 853MHz clock speed and 1.31 teraFLOPS, which means it offers 310 gigaFLOPS streams, which is more powerful than Nintendo’s Switch released four years later. Xbox One is also 5.4 times more powerful than Xbox 360. Some titles have notable graphics: Forza Horizon 3, Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, Titanfall 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider.


4. Microsoft Xbox One WILL
Released on August 2, 2016, Microsoft’s Xbox One S received a 7% GPU frequency increase over the original version above. This was mainly done to further satisfy the growing demand for HDR at the time. Thanks to that, the Xbox One S increased the total number of teraFLOPs to 1.4. Some games with notable graphics: Battlefield 1, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Gears of War 4, Mass Effect Andromeda, Resident Evil 7.


3. Sony PlayStation 4
Released on November 15, 2013, a week before the Xbox One was introduced, the PlayStation 4 was the first contender for the top 3 and the first console to break through the teraFLOP barrier with the ability to reach 1,843. The PlayStation 4 uses an AMD Radeon GPU which allows it to deliver 533 gigaFLOPS compared to Microsoft’s direct competitor Xbox One. This machine is also 7.9 times more powerful than its predecessor PS3. Some games with notable graphics: Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Order: 1886.


2. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
Released on November 10, 2016, PlayStation 4 Pro represents a mid-generation Sony console version that allows for increased speed or resolution of some games. With an AMD Radeon based GPU clocked at 911MHz, it delivers 4.2 teraFLOPS, 2.2 times more powerful than the first generation PS4. Some notable graphics titles that support PS4-Pro improvements: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, The Elder Scrolls Online, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Horizon Zero Dawn, inFAMOUS Second Son, The Last of Us Remastered, The Last of Us Remastered Last Guardian.


1. Microsoft Xbox One X
Xbox One X will be released on November 7, 2017. With an integrated AMD Polaris GPU clocked at 1172MHz, it has 6 teraFLOPS, 1.8 more than the PS4 Pro and 4.5 times more powerful than its Xbox One predecessor.
It’s worth reiterating that the FLOPS increment is not exactly to produce the desired performance. Players need to take care of the bottlenecks mentioned earlier, and should also take care of the various hardware, software, and API factors. This will make the games work smoother and more smoothly.


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Top strongest lineup Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT

The upcoming update 13.2 promises to stir up the current Tactics Arena meta with countless big and small changes. If you do not have time to read the full update, please refer to the top strongest squad Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT below.

According to the details of the update Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT that updated, this is a big patch and brings a lot of changes in the game from strength stats to equipment for champions. Therefore, choosing a strong squad will help players win the game easily. Here are Top strongest lineup Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT for your reference.

top dtcl 13 2 tft

List of the strongest Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 lineup

Top strongest lineup Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT

1. Special Squad: WORLD rank

Team Description:

This Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT squad uses Kai’Sa as the main force while the 2 Danger champions Cho’Gath and Rammus play the role of resistance.


When to play this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT lineup:

– When encountering hero upgrades of special agents, Cho’Gath or Rammus.
– When encountering a Task Heart, Task Seal or Task Spirit.
– When no one plays Kai’Sa.

2. Guardians – Mage Squad: Slayer

Team Description:

This is a type of AP formation that combines Star Guardians and Magicians in which Taliyah is the main mainstay and Annie is the frontline tank.

tft 13.2

When to play this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT lineup:

– When there are many pieces of the Oversized Stick or Tears of the Goddess.
– When encountering a hero upgrade for Taliyah or Annie.
– When finding Janna early at level 7.

3. Sniper Squad – Attack Protection: SUPER tier

Team Description:

Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 Gunnery Squad – This attack uses the most expensive champions to give the greatest power. This formation is very difficult to play but once you have completed the formation, victory is firmly within your grasp.

dtcl 13.2

When to play this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT lineup:

– When you have an early winning streak.
– When you have a lot of 2 star generals from the beginning.
– When you have a strong combat upgrade such as Super Tech Implant.
– When you have upgrades that help you level up early or roll strong champions (eg: Experience Promotion / Branding Zone).

4. Main Miss Fortune lineup: Grade A

Team Description:

This TFT 13.2 lineup will revolve around the main champion, Miss Fortune, with Sett the god of armor to block attacks.

dtcl buy 8.5 meta 13.2

When to play this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT lineup:

– When you have multiple pieces of the Oversized Stick and Tears of the Goddess.
– Get a hero upgrade for Miss Fortune or Sett.

5. Superman Squad – Military Police: Grade A

Team Description:

This is a formation that uses Ashe as your main mainstay while Yasuo and Renekton will be the secondary carry or block.

top dtcl meta 13.2

When to play this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT lineup:

– When possessing many pieces of BF Sword or Wooden Bow.
– When catching many Ashe, Renekton, Yasuo or super heroes.
– When you get a lot of gold after a monster round or encounter an upgrade to help you get 50 gold early.

6. Viego Outsiders lineup: Tier A

Team Description:

This formation revolves around the generals of the Bull and the Outer Path with 2 main generals, Viego and Aphelios.

dtcl image 13.2

When to play this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT lineup:

– When encountering hero upgrades for Viego or Aphelios.
– When encountering many Oversized Sticks or Goddess Tears.
– When you start with many Taurus, Outer Path generals.

7. Sylas Lineup King of Kings: Level VOID

Team Description:

This squad rotates champion Sylas 1 gold by giving him 2 Warmog health armor because Sylas’s skill is proportional to his maximum health.

top dtcl buy 8.5

When to play this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT lineup:

– When you encounter Sylas’s King Item upgrade.
– When you get a lot of Giant Belts.
– When you catch a lot of Sylas early. Tactics – TFT-13-2-tft-74616n.aspx
Thus, has introduced to you the top strongest lineup Teamfight Tactics – TFT 13.2 TFT. Don’t forget to follow to update more related articles. Wish you enjoy the game happy!

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Top 5 strongest guns in Knives Out

Tran Thi Thanh Hai

  1. The ratings below are purely personal, if you are interested, follow along and leave a review!

    In Knives Out There are so many different weapons, there are long-range guns, close-range guns, each type of gun promotes its ability depending on the situation, it is difficult to distinguish which is good and which is not? In which case should it be used? What ammo range?… Below will be a bit of sharing that Emergenceingame.Com feels are the best 5 guns over a period of time, the ratings below are purely personal, if you are interested. Follow along and give us a review!

    Top 5. AK47


    • Pros: An extremely effective close-range gun, the perfect choice for face-to-face attacks.​

    • Cons: The recoil of the gun is hard to control.​

    Top 4. M4A1


    • Advantages: Fast, even bullet speed. High stability, less recoil

    • Cons: The damage effect is not as good as AK47.​

    Top 3. SK12


    • Advantages: Belongs to a close-range gun, no other gun can compare, high speed, extremely flexible when used.​

    • Cons: Can’t be used to fight vegetarian.​

    Top 2: AWM


    • Advantages: Deals great damage, stable recoil. Belongs to a long-range gun.​

    • Cons: Can only be obtained when an aircraft drops items, aiming from a distance is not easy.​

    Top 1. S-ARC


    • Pros: A lot of players like this rifle. Can combine many other accessories, combine silencer, stable recoil. Good long-range aiming, the bullet can travel 300m.​

    • Cons: Damage is not high.​


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Who is the strongest “avenger” in the Avengers Comic version? (P.2)

5. Hyperion

Hyperion is said to be the Super Man of Marvel, because he has similar strength and appearance to the DC hero. Although Hyperion’s reputation is not as “popular” as Iron Man, his strength far exceeds that of Iron Man. He has formidable powers such as: extreme healing, flight, super speed, super health, wound healing, super regeneration, eyes that shoot atomic eye rays, Manipulating cosmic energy… It can be said that Hyperion is the Super Man version “with no weaknesses”.

4. Thor

Thor is the son of the supreme and mighty god, Odin Borson, ruler of the rich land of Asgard, and the earthly goddess Gaea. Thor is both the God of Thunder and a member of the team Avengers. Even before he was born, Odin realized that his son would have great feats, would be worshiped and worshiped in both worlds, and would be the future king of Asgard. Indeed, because of his holy blood, Thor’s power makes enemies afraid every time they encounter the Avengers army. Thor is the strongest god of Asgard, and the most powerful superhero in the universe. Thor is comprehensive in all 3 aspects, health comparable to Silver Surfer, endurance equal to Juggernaurt and magical ability not inferior to Dr. Strange classic. Moreover, he is also proficient in hundreds of thousands of different martial arts of many different races in the universe. Plus the help of the hammer Mjolnir makes Thor’s strength even more doubled.

3. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is the twin sister of Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) and both are the daughters of the evil Magneto and his second wife, Magda. She possesses terrifying and difficult-to-control magic, such as Chaos Magic, which allows her to change reality, even if she’s not careful, a single word from her can cause mass destruction. People. Wanda’s reality-altering ability even surpasses the threat of the Mad Jim Jasper multiverse because Wanda has no limits, no end, no eternity. Wanda is one of the most powerful mutants ever born in the universe. Moreover, she has the ability to fly and shoot magic lightning that burns everything.

2. Sentry

It has been suggested that Sentry did not need to join the Avengers, because he was too strong. Whether as a superhero Sentry or a villain, he can capture all the situation thanks to his formidable strength. Sentry possesses super strength, especially when turning into The Void, his strength is now increased many times, breaking all the bones in Hulk’s body. He also has super speed, super endurance, super senses, indestructible body, psychic ability, reincarnation of the dead… However, Sentry has the biggest weakness of being easily attacked by attacks. Spirituality. Sentry has a serious mental illness, the strength of Sentry is strong or weak depending on his mental state at that time.

1. Hulk
Finally, the position of the strongest “avenger” belongs to the Hulk. The standard green giant “muscular shoulder”, can easily let anyone in the Marvel universe “eat onions”. Originally, muscular people are usually good at talking with their fists, but Banner is considered one of the most transcendent minds on Earth, possessing “intelligence so great that it cannot be measured by any other means.” The Hulk’s strength depends on anger, the higher the anger, the stronger the Hulk. It can be said that Hulk is absolutely a superhero with both intelligence and courage. Hulk has withstood a mountain weighing up to 150 billion tons on his body, alone even with Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Iron Man, and Vision, or even, Hulk even defeated Thor, punching two big planets. and even a meteor twice the size of the earth…

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Who is the strongest “avenger” in the Avengers Comic version? (P.1)

10. Iron Man

The original superhero Iron Man is much stronger than we imagined. Just an ordinary person, but in his body there are infinite possibilities. Not only is he a rich billionaire, a pompous player, but he also has a genius brain. Tony Stark’s creativity can help him create a lot of formidable weapons, such as the “arc reactor” and a collection of invincible armor. Iron Man has also faced super strong guys like Hulk, Thanos, Phoenix Force or Alien Planet. He is one of the creators and maintainers of the army Avengers mighty to this day and also the only commoner on this list.

9. Vision

Vision is an android (half human, half robot) who joined the Avengers during the squad’s renaissance. The guy loyally served the Avengers for many years, uniting to defeat many bad guys. Vision is considered one of the strongest members with formidable abilities such as: 3D imaging (disguising himself as a normal person or even becoming invisible), energy control, super hearing Sensory, optical scanner, voice changer, absorbing radiation from the sun, solar rays, densification, super durability, super health, penetrating flight, super intelligence. ..


8. Red Hulk

Used to be the “hardest” enemy of the Hulk (green). Red Hulk also has tremendous strength, he even defeated many strong people in the universe Marvel. The most typical is Red Hulk pulling Thor into space and using Thor’s own weapon – the god hammer Mjonir to let Thor “eat onions”. However, he has a big disadvantage, unlike the angry Hulk, the stronger he gets, the more angry the red Hulk gets, the hotter his body becomes, the climax the Red Hulk’s whole body will burn. When the body temperature rises, Red Hulk will get dizzy and be knocked down by Hulk. Therefore, the Red Hulk is only stronger than the Hulk in his normal state, and the Hulk if angered further will be stronger than the Red Hulk.

7. Captain Marvel

The first Captain Marvel was named Carol Danvers, but she’s not the only one to have held the title. This is also quite similar to Captain America. Captain Marvel’s abilities include: flight, supernatural health, super speed, toughness, endurance… At the same time, she can also absorb and store energy. Carol once joined the air force and almost became the commander of the security team of NASA, so she possesses great air combat ability. Because of these outstanding abilities, Captain Marvel helped and participated in the activities of both groups Guardians of The Galaxy mixed Avengersand is one of the strongest members of the ‘Revenge Squad’.

6. Dr. Strange

It would be a big mistake to mention the Avengers without mentioning the name Stephen Vincent Strange, aka Dr. Strange. He is the strongest wizard in the Avengers squad. Eternity once said that Dr. Strange is the strongest wizard in the universe, many times stronger than other superhero friends. Dr.Strange possesses the ability to manipulate the magical power of the universe, and can also borrow power from gods and demon lords to enhance the power of his attacks. And the most formidable is Black Magic, which can help him completely manipulate the power of others.

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6 people who can cast the strongest Susanoo in Naruto

Susanoo is a powerful ninjutsu of the clan Uchiha. It is performed by members who have awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan eyes. This is a top jutsu so most of the big battles in Naruto, this jutsu appeared. Susanoo gives the caster a tremendous power, complete defense. In particular, the full body Susanoo has the power to shine as bright as a tailed beast.

1. Uchiha Sasuke

Sasuke’s Susanoo ninjutsu has many forms, moreover it is difficult to divide by just relying on normal logic. Anyway, the idea of ​​​​building the character Uchiha Sasuke was also developed by the author Kishimoto Masashi step by step, not designed once and done like other characters. Sasuku’s strongest Susanoo form was shown in his final battle with Naruto Uzumaki, where he absorbed Chakra from the tailed beast and became extremely powerful.


2. Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi’s Susanoo is actually Uchiha Obito’s Susanoo. The feature of this Susanoo is that it is possible to flexibly use the power of Kamui ninjutsu. Kakashi later has a susanoo complete with two kamui eyes. Kakashi’s Susanoo trait is to launch Kamui Shuriken. If you hit an enemy, you will be sucked into space. And when Kakashi has 2 eyes Mangekyou Sharingan, he can use Kamui Raikiri. However, Kamui is a very powerful jutsu, so using too much will put Kakashi’s body in danger.


3. Uchiha Itachi

Itachi’s Susanoo is yellow in color mangain anime Its simple and armored form is red and its human form is orange. In armored form, susanoo has an additional right hand and wears magatama earrings. In video games Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4in its full form, Itachi’s susanoo wields a sword.


4. Uchiha Shisui

Uchiha Shisui’s Susanoo originally did not appear much in the manga, like Itachi’s Susanoo, it was only created by the author later and released in the game. Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. Shisui’s Susanoo is green, and despite having his right eye stolen by Danzo, he can still use the technique. Susanoo’s right arm holding the weapon is the drill. And when it attacks, it shoots spears of fire from its belly.


5. Uchiha Madara

Madara’s Susanoo can be said to be the most special Susanoo. It is blue, in humanoid form on each of its hands there is an additional arm attached to the elbow. In its armored form, the armor covers the entire face, revealing only the eyes, and when appearing, the armored susanoo always seals. In the full-body form, the second arm will not be attached to the elbow but will be attached to the underside of the wing and is the handle of the sword. Therefore, Uchiha Madara’s ability to use Sasanoo is considered to have reached the highest level.


6. Indra

The son of the Sage of the Six Paths and the ancestor of the Uchiha clan, Indra inherited the Sharingan eyes from his father. Indra also has the ability to label MS with the ability to use Susanoo in its strongest form. Indra’s Susanoo is purple in color and can only be seen in its full form. It has a long nose, a pointed tip on each eye, and three holes on each cheek.


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Which type of Super Saiyan is strongest in Dragon Ball (End)

Super Saiyan Rage

Super Saiyan Rage is a state that is only “represented” by Trunks future (Future Trunks) in the match against Zamasu and Super Saiyan Rose Black Goku. While in this state, Future Trunks can be defeated Fused Zamasu. This is the state that is said to be the “rage” of Future Trunks, in this state, Trunks has a terrifying power with white eyes and great attack power.


Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God is a legend of the Saiyan race, not a single living Saiyan knows this legend and how to become a Super Saiyan God. First appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods when the Beerus decides to come to Earth so he can find his dream rival – a man known as the Super Saiyan God.


Super Saiyan God is activated when five Saiyans with kind hearts give strength to one other, and that is Goku when receiving the help of Vegeta, GohanTrunks, Goten, Pan (now still in Videl’s belly). In this state, in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Goku caused Beerus to use 70% of his strength to fight him.

Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue aka Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS) is the state achieved when the character has the power of Super Saiyan God and transforms that power into the Super Saiyan state. This is the state that Goku and Vegeta activate when they go through arduous training together Whis.


First appearing in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Goku and Vegeta used this state to fight against Golden Frieza. This is a state that is considered to be more perfect than the Super Saiyan God state when it significantly increases speed and strength, but there is a drawback that the ability to control “Ki” will be more difficult than Super Saiyan God and will consume. more strength.


Super Saiyan Rose

Super Saiyan Rose is considered to be the state of Super Saiyan Blue but is only used by Black Goku. In this state, Black Goku’s hair and aura turn the characteristic pink color, not blue anymore. This is explained by inherently, Black Goku or Zamasu is inherently a god possessing God Ki, so there is no need to undergo arduous training like Vegeta or Goku. In this state, Black Goku completely applies Reverse the power of Vegeta and Goku while in Super Saiyan Blue form.


Ultra Instinct

Ultra Instinct aka Infinite Instinct is a state, the technique appears in Dragon Ball Super. This is a technique that Whis mentioned a lot and also taught to Beerus, Vegeta and Goku, but only appeared and performed by Goku in the tournament of power and was later mastered by Goku but could not arbitrarily use it. use at will.


In this state, unlike Whis and Beerus, there is no change in appearance, but Goku has certain changes in appearance such as hair, eyes turning silver, aura around blue combined. silver ray. This is Goku’s strongest state / technique, up to this point when Goku completely overwhelmed Jiren in the battle, but in this state, Goku’s stamina is so great that Goku can’t control this state for too long. The proof is that before being able to finish Jiren, Goku could no longer hold this state.


Overall, up to this point, Ultra Instinct is still the most powerful state / technique ever used by a Saiyan, but unlike Super Saiyan Blue, Goku cannot arbitrarily transform or use this state. . But almost certainly, in the future, Ultra Instinct will continue to be the next tower to be surpassed by both Goku and Vegeta.

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Top 10 strongest and most mysterious characters in One Piece (P.2)

5. Admiral “Blue Buffalo” RyokuGyu

This is a new and very mysterious character in One PieceNo one knows much about him yet. But there are also many reports that he is a hot-tempered person, with unparalleled strength. Although he is a “bad boy”, he has absolute faith in justice. He is a hot-tempered person, but outspoken and straightforward.


4. “Mr.0” Sir Crocodile

“Mr.0” Sir Crocodile is known for his image of a stubborn, unruly man. It can be said that Mr.0 Crocodile is the first character that can make Luffy suffer. As the director of the secret crime organization Baroque Works and a former member of the Shichibukai, Crocodile was also the first person to ever defeat Straw Hat Captain Luffy.


Crocodile possesses the superpower of the Suna Suna no Mi (a Logia-type Devil Fruit). This Devil Fruit allows the eater to turn into sand and use the power of the sand. In the battle with Luffy, Crocodile showed great strength and skill, making Luffy defeated twice and only lost in the third confrontation. The battle between Luffy and Crocodile was also appreciated by many One Piece fans. One of the best battles ever.

3. The Five Elders

The Five Elders are a group of people that even the Four Emperors have to be afraid of. They are the people who hold the highest power in the world, head of the current World Government. It was a group of five men, able to command the entire Marine force, Cipher Pol and Shi Yuhai.


In terms of power, perhaps not much need to be said, everyone knows that the Five Elders are the most powerful people in the whole One Piece world. They run the World Government, they can destroy an entire island with a simple summons or destroy an entire country if it is necessary. They can also command the aristocrats, the foundation of the world’s power, so it is hard to deny their power. Despite having the ultimate power, their strength is a mystery. But One Piece fans are convinced that in that position, they must possess powers that are hard to match to be able to run the World Government.

2. Kong

Kong is the Commander-in-Chief of the World Government. He served as Admiral of the Navy during the Edd War 27 years ago and during the execution of Gol D. Roger 24 years ago.


The Five Elders and Commander-in-Chief Kong (now renamed Pan) are considered the most powerful figures in the navy and world government. They never had to fight once because even their subordinates were hard to beat. Commander-in-Chief Kong is considered by everyone to be stronger than Admiral Sengoku by one level, he has never shown his ability once, not because he has no strength, but because he has not had one yet. who is worthy to be his opponent.

1. Shiki

Shiki – The Golden Lion is quite famous in the world of Pirate King and is the last man left who is praised as the “Legendary Pirate”. He was the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and was the first prisoner to escape from the notorious Impel Down prison. He owned one of the most powerful fleets at the time and was known for his extraordinary leadership.


During the 16-year period on the floating island, there was almost no information about Shiki from the World Government. Occasionally, anger also causes him to recklessly perform actions other than his original personality such as attacking Marineford alone. It is unknown how much Shiki’s strength changed during the two years of imprisonment. However, when he first encountered the Straw Hats, Shiki showed great strength, easily knocking them down and burying them in a giant stone pillar. Shiki was able to block Sanji’s kick with one hand, melee Luffy in Gear Second, dodge punches and counterattacks at almost the same time, dodge Usopp’s shots and block Zoro’s slashes with relative ease. back Zoro a very strong punch. The most amazing thing is Shiki’s ability to withstand blows and the fact that cutting off his own leg to escape Impel Down is enough to scare people.

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DC Comics Strongest Magical Superheroes (P.2)

10. Sargon the Sorcerer

Despite looking like Carnac the Magnificent, Sargon the Sorcerer is one of the oldest and most powerful wizards in the world. DC Comics. The character was first introduced in the comic book All-American #26 (released in 1941). He uses his real magic while fighting criminals. Sargon’s power stems from the Ruby of Life, allowing the user to have complete control over everything they touch. If you touch a person, it will act as a mind control spell. If you touch a non-living matter (like rock or water), it can be reshaped on command.


9. Silver Sorceress

People often know that DC and Marvel are always racing each other on the front of building superhero empires. Therefore, many characters in these two universes are built similarly. Like the members of Marvel’s Avengers, DC also created such a group of superheroes, the Champions of Angor. Champions of Angor consists of four members, Wandjina (corresponding to Thor), Blue Jay (Yellowjacket), Jack. B. Quick (Quicksilver), and Silver Sorceress – the equivalent of Scarlet Witch. The magic used by the Silver Sorceress is described as “Hex-Power”. It has the power to allow the user to fly and the ability to create magical structures, similar to the ring of the Green Lantern.


8. Raven

Raven is one of the most prominent members of the Teen Titans. She was born to a demon father and an ordinary mother, this combination giving her a lot of magical powers. Raven is an Empath, and can read/change other people’s emotions. Raven also possesses the ability to create illusions. Through the use of magic, Raven is able to cast shadows and attack her enemies. She can also absorb a portion of another’s wound, to make it heal faster.


7. Etrigan

Despite the fact that he is a demon living in hell, Etrigan has been a superhero for over 40 years now. Etrigan is a demon bound by the spirit of Jason Blood, a knight in the service of King Arthur. Due to this association, Jason is now immortal, and still lives in the modern world. If Jason reads a certain poem, he will transform into an Etrigan, and gain all the powers of a demon. Physically, Etrigan has faced Superman and Wonder Woman in the past. Due to his magical properties, he is able to quickly heal wounds, shoot Hellfire from his body, and absorb pain as if it were pleasure.


6. Alan Scott (First Green Lantern)

In All American Comics #16 (released 1940), Alan Scott creates a powerful ring from a meteorite, one that needs to “recharge” the power every 24 hours from a magical lantern. He became the superhero known as the Green Lantern, and used the remarkable power of his ring to fight evil. This Green Lantern ring has very similar powers to the latter ones forged on Oa. In some ways, Alan Scott’s ring is even stronger than the later Green Lanterns. His ring actually allows him to pass through solid objects.


Source link: DC Comics Strongest Magical Superheroes (P.2)

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Which Super Saiyan is the strongest in Dragon Ball

There have been many forms of transformation Super Saiyan debut in Dragon Ball. Emergenceingame.Com will list from weakest to strongest form or by timeline of Super . status Saiyan that (up to the present time).

Normal Saiyan

This is the normal form of a Saiyan. This race of space warriors is considered to be belligerent towards representatives like VegetaNappa or even Goku (Kakarot). In this state, the Saiyans also had a power many times greater than the Earthlings. If there was no “falling foot” phase and memory loss, we don’t know how aggressive our Goku can be. Remember that, Gohan Once commented, Goku has a great strength but is also extremely naughty and is always in a state of “like to fight”. Fortunately, that boy has become gentle and the savior of humanity countless times.


False Super Saiyan

This is a form of Super Saiyan transformation somewhat similar to King Kai’s Kaioken. In this state, the Saiyan warrior does not completely change his hair to yellow and has an orange aura around him. This form appears in Dragon Ball: Lord Slug


Super Saiyan

This is the form that is considered legendary, a milestone that any Saiyan would like to achieve. Vegeta once wanted to turn into a Super Saiyan when he encountered Frieza on planet Namek, but when he died, Vegata understood that he was wrong. It was only when Goku witnessed the death of his best friend Krillin that he officially became a Super Saiyan, a power that could easily take Frieza’s life. What surprised the God of Destruction Beerus himself. After this, Super Saiyan became a must-have standard for the remaining Saiyan warriors in Dragon Ball, before wanting to transform into their next form.


Super Saiyan Grade 2

This is a follow-up to the Super Saiyan, appearing during the period when the Z Warriors have to fight Cell. In this form, the character’s strength is stronger than the normal Super Saiyan level with the characteristic identity of more developed muscles and higher damage ability. Vegeta used this state when fighting the incomplete Cell and gained the upper hand before subjectively allowing Cell to evolve to Perfect. Goku realized the power of this state, but did not use it because he knew that Super Saiyan Grade 2’s biggest limitation was speed.


Super Saiyan Grade 3

Continues to be a Super Saiyan state that appears during the battle with Cell but is shown by Trunks. This is a state stronger than Super Saiyan Grade 2, which Krillin as well as Trunks himself misunderstood that Trunks was stronger than Vegeta. However, this state was quickly defeated by Perfect Cell because its speed was too slow and it was difficult to control its strength. Sadly, in the “last pages of his life”, it was Cell who made this mistake when he lost his temper when confronting Gohan Super Saiyan 2.


Full Power Super Saiyan

It can be said that the stage of fighting with Cell is the stage that generates the most Super Saiyan states. Full Power Super Saiyan appears when Saiyan warriors are in full control of their power, fully mastering the power of a Super Saiyan, comfortable in this state. The anger in the eyes is gone, the character’s facial expressions become much more calm. This is an idea given by Goku and adopted by the character himself as well as Gohan. The father and son have continuously put on Super Saiyan state, except when sleeping to be able to adapt to this state in the practice room during time.


To be continued.

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Top 3 strongest Teamfight Tactics – TFT 12.7 season 6.5 lineups

The Arena of Truth update 12.7 season 6.5 does not have many changes in terms of champions or clans. However, the selection and construction of the squad in the Teamfight Tactics – TFT 12.7 update also determines the ability of gamers to climb the rank.

Top 3 Teamfight Tactics – TFT lineup 12.7 season 6.5 The strongest that suggests below will help you have more options, build a squad to climb the rank in this latest update.

Reference: Teamfight Tactics – TFT update details 12.7

DTCL 12.7 picture buy 6.5

List of strongest squad Teamfight Tactics – TFT 12.7 season 6.5

Top 3 strongest Teamfight Tactics – TFT 12.7 season 6.5 lineups

1. Sivir Tech lineup

This is another “version” of the Tech lineup, which mainly focuses on Sivir as the main carry instead of Irelia. Players can play flexibly with all different Tech lineups, depending on the items and champions acquired.

DTCL 12.7 picture buy 6.5 first

Build this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 12.7 season 6.5 squad if there are items, good equipment for Sivir and a good start with Striker / Scrap champions.

2. Chemical Warwick lineup

Warwick appeared as a 2 gold carry champion with Quinn.

Teamfight Tactics – TFT lineup 12.7 colors 6.5 This series focuses primarily on Warwick and Quinn. In which Warwick is the champion that deals almost the best frontline damage, and Quinn is the champion that deals CC and backline damage. If you don’t own the 3-gold Quinn, you can prioritize Warwick and also “optimize” Renata.

the most beautiful pictures on the website 12.7

Choose to build this Technological Warwick squad if you have items, elemental tech cores, or a Quinn/Warwick clone.

3. Lineup of 8 Sorcerers

This squad is extremely strong if you have good tech items and cores. In which Ahri plays the role of the main carry and Vex is the main tank. However, you will need a Seal or Tech Core for this squad to reach 8 Mages.

Top 10 most beautiful pictures in the city center 12.7

Build this Teamfight Tactics – TFT 12.7 season 6.5 squad if you have good AP items and start with Yordles. Tactics – TFT-12-7-mua-6-5-manh-nhat-69471n.aspx
With Top 3 the strongest Teamfight Tactics – TFT 12.7 season 6.5 lineup that has just suggested above will help you have more options to build your team and start climbing the rank.

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Top 5 strongest Free Fire OB33 character skills

Garena Free Fire OB33 has brought major changes to the character list, with 3 completely changed character skills and 4 other characters increasing their power. In this article, will introduce 5 best Free Fire OB33 character skills.

Session Update Free Fire OB33 Rise Up is one of the best updates so far, upgrading and redoing the remaining useless characters of the best survival shooter on the planet, that makes the gameplay of gamers changed quite a bit after NPH edit character skills.

Top 5 free fire ob33 codes

The 5 most used skills in Garena Free Fire OB33

Top 5 strongest Free Fire OB33 character skills

1. A124
A124’s skill is completely changed from a healing skill to a unique skill that no other character has in Free Fire. This is similar to the skill of an unreleased character named Snowelle, which is a passive skill that disables an enemy’s active skill.

– Skill: Releases an 8m long electromagnetic wave that negates enemy skill activations and interrupts their cooldowns. Lasts for 20/22/24/26/28/30s. Cooldown 100/90/80/70/60/50 seconds.

top 5 free fire ob33 keys for the first time A124

Overall, A124’s skill is the strongest skill in this update and has the potential to become a hot pick in the game. Players can disable enemy shields and active skills while attacking, preventing them from healing or counterattacking.

2. Steffie
Steffie’s ability previously had a negligible effect, but after the OB33 update it became a solid skill, stopping enemy grenades from reaching your location. Furthermore, the 20% damage reduction is super significant, giving players a huge advantage in a fight.

– Skill: Create an area of ​​​​4m to block thrown objects. Allies in the area recover 10% of their armor’s durability every second and bullet damage from enemies is reduced by 10/12/14/16/18/20%. Lasts for 10/11/12/13/14/15 seconds. Cooldown: 115/110/1105/100/95/90. Effects do not stack.

Top 5 free fire ob33 keys to the best Steffie

This is the second best tactical skill in the list of Top 5 strongest Free Fire OB33 character skills. The only weakness of Color Space is its cooldown is somewhat high up to 90 seconds.

In addition, the OB33 version also brings a new addition to the character cast of Free Fire, Kenta is the name that is interested in the BR game community, the way to use and combine with this character is quite new. , readers can refer to suggestions for this character at the link below.

See more: Top 5 Free Fire character skills combined with Kenta

3. Rafael
Sniper mode in team games will be much stronger with Rafael’s ability. With the skill’s amount doubled, enemies will now lose health almost twice as fast as normal. This gives Rafael a chance to kill enemies faster and prevents them from helping teammates.

– Skill: When using Shotguns and Ranged Rifles, firing is muted and hits that hit enemies can cause them to lose health 40/50/60/70/80/90% faster.

Top 5 free fire ob33 skills for the best Rafael

4. Otho
A useful skill for team play modes. The scope of the Otho skill has been greatly increased in OB33, allowing you to know the full position of your opponent to make better tactical decisions and give yourself and your teammates an advantage.

– Skill: After eliminating an enemy, the location of other enemies within 25/30/35/40/45/50m to 25/35/45/55/65/75m of the kill point will be revealed. Information will be shared with teammates for 4 seconds to 6 seconds.

Top 5 best free fire ob33 keys Otho

5. Nikita
Nikita’s ability is finally no longer useless. It now affects all weapons instead of just SMGs. She should be an important character for all shotguns and snipers now, as these weapons have the slowest reload times.

– Skill: Reload speed increased by 14/16/18/20/22/24%. For SMGs, the last 6 bullets in the player’s submachine gun deal 10/12/14/16/18/20% more damage.

Top 5 free fire ob33 list of the best Nikita
If you want to have a chance to get a noble title like BOOYAH! at version Free Fire OB33 Rise Up Hey, combine the skills above and use them to get more special combat effects, win.

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Location of indoor wifi modem for the strongest signal

To increase Wifi signal for phones and computers, the security of wifi information is a must, you need to change your modem wifi password more often to avoid the situation that temple wifi users will reduce wifi waves, besides , the location of the modem is also quite important, or in feng shui it is called a beautiful location

Wi-Fi modem
The best place to place the wifi modem in the house

first) Put the wifi modem in the center of the house

Then all locations in the house are covered by good wifi, you can move everywhere without fear of dropping the network.
vi tri dat modem wifi trong nha tot nhat 1 - Emergenceingame
2) Place the wifi modem in a high, open position without obstructions such as concrete walls, doors, or other items. The modem should not be placed on the floor, but must be mounted on the wall or on a bracket. Because wifi waves are transmitted in the direction from the inside to the outside, from the top down, a high position and no obstacles will make the device broadcast better.

3) Let the antenna of the wifi modem always face up or you can place the antenna horizontally to get the best signal horizontally and vertically.
vi tri dat modem wifi trong nha tot nhat 3 - Emergenceingame
For a house with many floors, placing the antenna horizontally will help the upper floors to catch the wifi signal better, and placing the antenna facing up will help the coverage be farther and better. If your wifi modem has 2 antennas, you should put one facing up and one horizontally. If your wifi modem does not have an antenna, it must be set according to the manufacturer’s design.

4)In addition, the following points should be noted:

– Do not place the modem near metal objects because metal will make the broadcast performance worse.
– Do not place the modem near the microwave, because the frequency of the microwave is similar to the frequency of the modem, so the wave will be interfered with, affecting the quality.

So, here are the things to keep in mind when choosing a location to put a wifi modem, Access Point or wifi transmitter in the house so that you can broadcast the best wifi possible.
When using the wifi modem password for a long time, it is likely that your password will be leaked to the outside. Therefore, you should change the wifi password for more security. If you use FTP’s Gpon modem, you can change wifi password ftp Easily.

Author: Nguyen Hai Son
(4.122 evaluate)
Your DG?

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PC Gaming

Build the strongest football club in the world with Soccer Manager 2022, 100% free

Soccer Manager 2022 is releasing for free on Steam.

For those who love the football management simulation game genre, the name Soccer Manager has become very familiar. Besides Sega’s Football Manager, Soccer Manager can be considered as one of the most prominent names in this genre.

Build the strongest football club in the world with Soccer Manager 2022, 100% free

With Soccer Manager 2022, you will build your dream team with more than 25,000 players officially licensed by FIFPRO (World Association of Professional Footballers). Besides, there are copyrights of more than 900 clubs from 35 top football countries in the world.

As the Football Manager you will be in control of all aspects of the club. Every transfer, tactics, football match counts. You will be immersed in life as a true football manager both on and off the pitch

You’ll plan training sessions, choose eleven official starting teams, outsmart your opponents with the right tactics, build a world-class stadium, control club finances and discover future superstars through a worldwide network of scouts.

Soccer Manager 2022 brand ambassador Mikel Arteta (current Arsenal manager) will act as your assistant. He will support you from coaching to long-term team development strategies.

Build the strongest football club in the world with Soccer Manager 2022, 100% freeBuild the strongest football club in the world with Soccer Manager 2022, 100% freeBuild the strongest football club in the world with Soccer Manager 2022, 100% freeBuild the strongest football club in the world with Soccer Manager 2022, 100% free

Currently Soccer Manager 2022 is being released for free on Steam. Those interested can download and play the game right here.

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Top 5 strongest Free Fire OB36 guns

Garena Free Fire has the most massive arsenal of all battle royale games in its genre. You can choose from a variety of weapons from SMGs, ARs to DMRs and more. While the game is fairly balanced, having certain types of guns will give you an edge over other players. Top 5 strongest Free Fire OB36 guns specializing in rank climbing give you the necessary suggestions.

Garena Free Fire constantly receiving the love of the gaming community not only because of its high graphics, many game modes but also a diverse weapon system, constantly adjusting to balance the game. OB36 version is no exception, the top 5 strongest guns Free Fire OB36 specializes in rank climbing voted by many players will give you an advantage when playing in any map, character skill combo.

Reference: Top 5 Free Fire skill combos OB36

top 5 free fire ob36 top

The list of the strongest guns specializing in rank climbing in Update Free Fire OB36

Top 5 strongest Free Fire OB36 guns specializing in rank climbing

1. Bizon
Bizon is Free Fire’s latest SMG in this Free Fire OB36 update, a powerful weapon specialized in close combat. Bizon has a high rate of fire and damage, but the destructive damage is also low accuracy. Players need to be careful not to waste their shots.

top 5 free fire ob36 best Bizon

The best advantage of this Bizon gun is that it can equip all the accessories in the game. With the Muzzle + Foregrip + Stock combo, players will have no trouble taking down enemies in close, mid-range skirmishes.

2. Charge Buster
Charge Buster is a special pistol with a slightly different method of “charging”, you need to hold down the fire button for a powerful shot, with high damage, low range and width. When fully charged, one hit is enough to kill the target instantly.

Players can use Charge Buster to destroy vehicles and gloo walls very easily, blowing up Jeeps, cars in 2 shots. Small vehicles like amphibious bikes can be blown up with a single shot.

3. M82
The M82B deals the same base damage as other sniper rifles, bonus damage to Vehicles and Ice walls. Using this gun, you can easily shoot enemies behind the cover of the Ice wall, an important ability in the mid to late game. The armor penetration ensures the M82B will be strong in the late game.

top 5 free fire ob36 best M82

4. Woodpecker M21
The Woodpecker M21 is a Marksman Rifle that excels in mid to long range combat. The best point of Woodpecker M21 is its armor penetration with 75 armor penetration points (highest in the game). Woodpecker M21 can ignore up to 3/4 of enemy damage reduction from armor and helmets. Finally, this gun has the highest accuracy among all AR or semi-automatic sniper rifles with 69 points, you can snipe from a distance.

5. UMP
The UMP gun in Free Fire is the SMG that deals the most damage, the only SMG has the ability to penetrate armor with 63 points, it can ignore up to 2/3 of the enemy’s damage reduction. In addition to the absolute damage, this gun also has the highest reload and movement speed in the SMG series.

Top 5 best free fire ob36 songs UMP
There are many additions and changes at each update version not only Free Fire OB36, making the game new and more attractive. Please comment in the comments section below about the most useful weapon that you often use to climb the rank.

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How to build the strongest squad in Dream League Soccer 2022

Like many other football games Dream League Soccer 2022 – DLS 22 has an extremely realistic tactical scheme system. Besides the Top strongest players in Dream League Soccer 2022, the selection of the squad is equally important. In this article, will guide you How to build the strongest team in Dream League Soccer 2022.

Dream League Soccer 2022 – DLS 22 is a famous football game on the phone. There you will be able to recruit players, choose the squad you want. if you are finding it too complicated with a tactical diagram system with dozens of different diagrams. Let’s find out the best building strategies and player formations in DLS 22.

how to grind images in dream league soccer 2022

Tips to build the strongest Dream League Soccer 2022 squad

I. Overview of team building in DLS 2022

DLS 2022 always emphasizes player control, making precise hand movements when playing games instead of building tactics. Unlike other football games, DLS does not allow players to choose a single strategy for each player in different positions. All players need to do is choose a playing strategy based on 3 properties. there, then choose one of the 12 formations. Choosing this squad is simpler than other football games

how to grind images in dream league soccer 2022

Although there are 3 properties, 12 types of formation combined into 36 options, there are some things players need to keep in mind. Practically everyone starts with only 2 squads unlocked, the rest need to upgrade the training center with gems to unlock and each upgrade costs more gems.

II. Symbols for each position in Dream League Soccer 2022

GK: Goalie
LB: Left back
RB: Right defender
DM: Defensive midfielder
CM: Central midfielder
AM: Attacking midfielder
CB: Central defender
WM: Winger
shut up: Left winger
RM: Right winger.
WF: Winger
LF: Left winger
RF: Right wing striker
CF: Central striker

III. A balanced lineup between attack and defense in DLS 2022

1. 4-4-2 . formation
Default lineup and it’s also the best lineup in DLS 2022. If you’re new to Dream League Soccer, this is a good lineup to get used to in the beginning, even after upgrading your Training Center. yourself for the first time to unlock new lineups.
– This squad includes: the defensive quartet (LB, 2CB, RB), the midfield quartet (LM, 2RM, RM) and finally the 2 strikers who play the highest in attack.

How to use images in dls 2022 first

In the strategy of this chart, gamers must play LB on the left, RB on the right and 2 CB in the middle. Midfield everyone can be flexible between positions such as left and right flanks starting with RM respectively. and LM everyone can be flexible to kick higher in the WF position, or the 2 central midfielders can be CMF or AMF. Then 2 CFs or 1 CF and 1 WF. With this formation, the players will play disciplined that leads to positions on the field that will play in the right position without the situation of players randomly moving to another position. This will give a good balance between attack and defense

2. 4-1-2-1-2 . formation
4-1-2-1-2 is one of the exciting and versatile lineups in Dream League Soccer 2022. It can also function as an attacking or balanced formation depending on the team structure. The starting lineup of 4-1-2-1-2 includes: a defensive quartet (LB, 2CB, RB), 1 defensive midfielder DM, 2 wingers (LM, RM), 1 attacking midfielder AM and finally the 2 tallest strikers in the CF attack

If you want to attack, players can raise LM and RM to play as a winger, or move DM to CM position to increase the ability to hold the ball. For a more defensive setup, 4 defenders, 1 defensive midfielder, 3 midfielders (with the attacking midfielder being replaced by CM) and 2 forwards can be used.

Dream league soccer 2022

If choosing to use a central midfielder instead of a defensive midfielder, the player should have good defensive skills to support the back line and vice versa, this player must be a good striker, passing the ball when replacing money. attack guard.

Players possessing a comprehensive CM (eg Paul Pogba) should choose this formation for the central midfielder to show his ability to support the defense, score goals and pass the ball. Having 2 strikers in front allows for more scoring opportunities regardless of whether the player is using a Balanced, Offensive or Defensive formation.

3. 3-5-2 . formation
3-5-2 is one of the interesting formations when it has only 3 central defenders but up to 5 midfielders in different positions. and the soul of this squad is the two pairs of wingers RM and LM attacking and defending rhythmically.

dream league soccer 2022

Due to the line-up in the DLS, people can switch from positions in the starting lineup to a formation that plays 2 central midfielders and 3 attacking midfielders, or 1 DM and CM right in front of the players. defender, then LM, CM and RM behind the striker because the 2 positions LM and RM are extremely important in this squad so you should have 2 pairs of strong wings to be able to attack on defense. Continuity or ability to cross the ball to provide precise crosses for two strikers to hit headers or cushion the ball accurately

IV. Defensive lineup in DLS 2022

1. 5-2-1-2 . formation
This is the only squad on this list that has up to 5 positions on the defense. Players can flexibly swap between the two positions of central midfielder and defensive midfielder, players should choose a DM with good passing ability to create upward balls or sharp counter-attacks. for the team’s offensive line.

Dream league soccer 2022

2. 4-1-4-1 . formation
When talking about the best defensive formation to use in Dream League Soccer 2021, the 4-1-4-1 formation is often suggested as a solid choice for those who want to take down their opponents with the counter-attack. make the opponent hate. That’s because it still allows fouls, thanks to the presence of four midfielders that help get the ball to the lone striker or assist in a goal.

Dream league soccer 2022 dream league soccer

Everyone needs to have a strong defense, with the majority of players able to compete and press well. Central midfielders should be all-round players, able to support both defense and attack. .

This is a formation for players who are weak in passing, leading to strikers not having a chance to score. Owning a midfield to 5 positions will help improve this weakness. Not only does the player have a solid defense with such a setup, but this also helps maintain possession of the ball for most of the game.

V. Attacking lineup in DLS 2022

1. 4-3-3 . formation
When choosing a 4-3-3 formation, it is best for gamers to focus and defend because with 3 strikers and 3 midfielders, the player’s attacking ability is undisputed. Having 3 good strikers will guarantee scoring from any side of the pitch, but to facilitate that, all midfielders with good passing stats are needed.

I used to use the image in the dls 2022 first

The ideal central midfielders should be all-round players, able to pass the ball, receive the ball from defense and score if needed. The wingers should be players with good Speed ​​and Acceleration to help them break through the defense from the flanks creating scoring opportunities for themselves or for CF.

2. 4-1-2-3 . formation
This is a very popular formation these days, but it would work better with more wingers. Even without WF, this squad will still be stable with a strong CF trio with the ability to shoot, accelerate and speed.

I used to use images in dls 2022

While it is possible to replace the two CMs in a 4-3-3 with RM and LM respectively, this formation works better with a defensive midfielder who can control the slack and assist. support for the defense.

Similarly, CMs must also have passing skills, be flexible enough to support strikers and score goals if necessary. Due to the presence of DM, it is not mandatory for CMs to have good power and ability to compete for the ball, so they can focus more on the offensive side, increasing their ability to score if they choose the right players on the field. .

IV. Some special lineups in DLS 2022

1. 4-5-1 . formation
In this formation, 4 defenders will have to play as in the formation and 3 CMs in the middle and LM/WF on the left and RM/WF on the right. Finally, a player in the CF position.

2. 3-4-3 . formation
In this formation, 3 CBs will have to play defensively. Then 4 midfielders will play as in the previous squad. Then 1 CF will play in the middle and 2 WF will play on the sides.

3. 4-4-1-1 . formation
Defenders and midfielders will play in this formation just like the previous formations. Then there’s AM and CF.
Thus, has provided you with the strongest lineups in DSL 2022. Hopefully the lineups we recommend will help you get the right lineup, don’t forget to check it out. How to play Dream League Soccer 2022 on computer for a wider screen experience. Besides, you can also download the game eFootball 2022 to play on your phone.

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Top strongest lineup of Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 7.5, TFT 12.20b

Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 7.5 saw a lot of changes, with different buffs and nerfs. If gamers still don’t know which squad to play to suit the rank climbing process, let’s join to come to the Top of the strongest Teamfight Tactics Season 7.5, TFT 12.20b below.

There are many squads that have emerged strongly after the developer of the Arena of Truth rebalanced the power of the clans. In update 12.20b, Riot Games made many changes aimed directly at reducing the power of Kai’sa and the Dragon Warrior system.

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Top models of DTCL buy 7.5

List of the strongest Teamfight Tactics – TFT squad in season 7.5

Top strongest lineup of Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 7.5, TFT 12.20b

1. Four Dragons Great God lineup

Since Riot Games buffed the power of the Dragon God system, the 4 Dragon God squad has become one of the strongest squads in Teamfight Tactics – TFT with the super strong defense of Idas and Terra as well as the mutant damage of Shyvana. and Ao Shin.

TFT 12.20b

However, players need to have a high “dignity” to be able to summon all 4 Dragon Gods because the output rate of Shyvana and Ao Shin is quite low. Players need to have a reasonable strategy to keep blood and accumulate money in the early game, wait until late and collect the most suitable Dragon generals.

For tankers, Idas and Terra are the best choices with strong stamina. Daeja, Sy’fen or even Shi Oh Yu are also good alternatives to Shyvana and Aoshin to provide damage. Sohm, Swain or Aurelian Sol are Dragon God champions that are too dependent on subsystems to be suitable for this lineup.

In addition to the Dragon God generals, players need to add another champion at level 9 to evenly activate the systems in the formation. Rakan is the number 1 choice when the player can activate the Guardian for Idas and the Dragon for Shyvana. Jayce is also a suitable champion to activate Transfiguration along with Shyvana. Players can also flexibly activate 4 Thunder Dragons when they feel they are lacking in damage.

2. Dragon Warrior Reroll lineup

After many buffs, the Dragon Warrior lineup is very popular in the current Meta. The nerf in update 12.20b has not been able to reduce the ‘hot’ level of this dragon warrior Kai’sa squad.

Players can accumulate Kai’sa early with Water Dragon and keep health with Dragon Warrior’s defense. Karma, Sett or Kai’sa are pretty easy tier 1,2, so players can’t level up, reroll 3 stars and hit a losing streak at the beginning of the game to get standard equipment just for the mid-game comeback. .


At the end of the game, if there is a Dragon Warrior, players can search for Ao Shin to combine with this squad. The 3 star tier 1, 2 tier champions won’t be able to compare with the power of 2 star tier 5 champions. Therefore, the Carry general of the Dragon Warrior squad at the end of the game needs a mutant damage like Yasou or Ao Shin.

3. Reroll Yone lineup

Reroll tier 2 Carry is currently the current Meta and Yone is no exception. With the Mark of Arrows and technology cores such as Mounting Viewfinder, Scenario Couple, .. Yone when reaching 3-star level will have a huge amount of damage and fast attack speed, making it easy to ‘clear the table’ with the team. This image is simply a snap.

If there is no Mark of the Arrow, the player can also activate the Warrior system as well as the Illusion Dragon clan to defend at the beginning of the game. With the protection of the tanker and the bonus physical damage of the Warrior, Yone will have time to roam and deal with the enemy’s generals.

Top TFT LCD 12.20b buy 7.5

Let’s start rolling at level 6 to upgrade Yone 3 stars and generals like Leona, Jax, Braum, … to build a standard form for your squad. Players can also flexibly catch Olaf or Xayah depending on the existing equipment and technology core to rotate cards easily.

4. Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen . lineup

The carry duo Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen are still storming in Teamfight Tactics – TFT. The strength of this squad is still stable in patch 12.20b when it doesn’t need a lot of resources and luck to find the necessary champions.

DTCL 12.20b

At the beginning of the game, players can keep blood with generals Ngoc Long and Dark Dragon to build a card frame for the middle and late game. With 5 Jade Dragons and 3 Dark Dragons, this squad can deal massive damage on an extremely large scale. big and also has good resistance thanks to tier 4 champions like Jayce, Pantheon, … . Tactics – TFT-mua-7-5-tft-12-20b-manh-nhat-72206n.aspx
With an extremely high rate of entering the Top, the Ngoc Long Am Long lineup is still one of the Top strongest Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 7.5, TFT 12.20b squads for players who want to climb the rank in this version with super resistance. and unlimited damage.

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Top strongest players in Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer 2022 is a team management simulation game on the phone for gamers. Since the game focuses on team building, recruiting players for the club is very important. If you are wondering who to choose for your squad, don’t worry will list you the top strongest players in DLS 2022 for you to choose easily.

The DLS 2022 player system is extremely large, which can make some new players feel overwhelmed and wonder who to choose for their team. If you are having a similar problem, continue reading this article to identify the strongest players to buy in Dream League Soccer and quickly get them on your team.

The most beautiful girl in dream league soccer 2022

Top strongest players in DLS 2022

Top strong Dream League Soccer 2022 players should buy

1. The strongest DLS 2022 striker

– Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo is one of the most expensive strikers any DLS player aspires to. Ronaldo has high default stats, with 89 shots and 83 goals. Ronaldo’s lowest stats are default tackles 54.

Top stunners in dls 2022

– Lionel Messi
Messi is one of the best players in the world and is well deserved to be recruited as a striker of the team in the DLS. Messi’s stats are very high, Messi has a shot of 91 and a pass of 92. Messi’s only low stat is his default tackle 58.

dream league soccer 2022

– Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr. is shorter than Ronaldo and Messi but Neymar is a great choice if the player is looking for a quick player and completes accurate passes. If money is not an issue, then it is well worth everyone to buy Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar Jr into their squad as they will together form an unstoppable front line.

the top scourge in dream league soccer 2022 Neymar

2. The strongest DLS 2022 midfielder

– Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba playing for Juventus has an overall skill index of 81 and is a well-balanced player who is well worth adding to the team’s midfield. Pogba has no obvious weaknesses and is a useful, reliable player to add to his squad.

– N’Golo Kanté
N’Golo Kanté is a player worth adding to midfield with an 83. One of the bonuses of adding N’golo Kante to his team is that the player still has a fitness stat of 88.

– Luka Modric
Luka Modric has an overall skill stat of 83. So it’s worth everyone to buy Modric into the team, add Modric to the team with Pogba and N’Golo Kanté and you’ve got a very strong midfield.

the top players in dream league soccer 2022 Luka Modric

3. The strongest DLS 2022 defender

– Virgil van Dijk
Virgil van Dijk is a Dutch defender, known for playing for Liverpool. The player’s overall stats are 84 with an impressive 91 tackle stats. Virgil van Dijk would be the right addition to your four-man defense

Top scourge in dream league soccer 2022 Virgil van Dijk

– Kalidou Koulibaly
Kalidou Koulibaly has a player rating of 82 and has 93 points of strength along with a very strong physique with 91 points.

Top fave in dream league soccer 2022 Kalidou Koulibaly

– Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva has an overall skill stat of 80 and also has 91 tackles. So, if you are not a fan of Virgil van Dijk, you can always include Thiago Silva in your starting line-up.

4. The strongest DLS 2022 goalkeeper

– Thibaut Courtois
Thibaut Courtois with a respectable height of up to 1.98m will be ready to fly in the wooden frame to block all your team’s shots. Courtois will cost 1635 coins and players will get the same overall skill level as Marc-Andre ter Stegen but at a slightly more affordable cost.

Top beauties in dream league soccer 2022 Thibaut Courtois

– David de Gea
David de Gea is a goalkeeper who currently plays for Manchester United. His overall skill stat is 81 along with his excellent reflexes and he boasts extremely high goalkeeping stats that will be ready to block any shot from your team’s forwards.

– Marc-André ter Stegen
Marc-André ter Stegen is currently a goalkeeper for FC Barcelona as well as the German national team and provides an impressive overall rating of 82.

Thus, has provided you with quality names for each different position in the DSL 2022 game lineup. Hopefully the names that offer will help you less confused when buying. football player, build a squad in Dream League Soccer 2022 If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave a comment below, we will answer all your questions.
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Not that boss, that boss, this stupid “blood dog” is the strongest in Elden Ring

A mystery has just been found in the Elden Ring.

As a game from From Software, the difficulty of Elden Ring is undisputed. Even according to some studies, up to 30% of players give up as soon as they encounter the first boss.

However, unlike many people mistakenly believe, the strongest enemies in this game are not aggressive bosses. Instead, there is a very normal-looking animal called Bleed Dog. This secret has just been discovered by a gamer named Zulie and announced on the game’s forum.

By Zullie’s calculations, due to some file error, the Elden Ring is essentially allowing these tiny magic stones to attack faster than we’re aware of, dealing up to 11,640 damage per second. for anything in the sphere of influence. With numbers like that, these dogs could theoretically clear any boss in the game in a matter of seconds. And this is the most dangerous enemy that the player will face.

Elden Ring – Bleed Dog chn

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Game Online

Teamfight Tactics – TFT: Top 5 strongest lineups version 10.17

1. Super Tech

When most of the formation meta in the previous version there is a tendency to be reducing power then Super Cong Nghe has started to return to the meta race in a strong way. Actually, this chess set was back in the previous version when chess pieces like Leona, Lucian, Vi, Vayne were all boosted when they got 3 stars. At the same time, items like Electric Knife, Fist of Justice, which are very strong equipment for Lucian in the mid-game, are also good. buffs significantly.

To version 10.17, Super Tech, although there was no noticeable change, but its auxiliary piece, Riven, was buffed quite a lot. It allows you to add Riven to your squad to form a 3 Swordsman team along with Fiora and Irelia. On the other hand, with the debut Golden Shovel galaxy Super Tech also affects a bit when we can turn Irelia into Secret Detective.


The standard lineup includes: Fiora, Lucian, Vayne, Vi, Irelia, Ekko, Ezreal, Riven (or Thresh).

2. Star Guardian

In version 10.17, the 3-star Neeko has 50 skill damage reduced, but in return at the beginning of the game, we will have a stronger Poppy with 35 magic resistance. This makes the Poppy – Leona duo a very strong front line in the early stages of the game, as a premise for you to accumulate gold. At the end of the game, Xerath, after Riot’s strong buff in this version, was also added to the team’s ranks to just hit 4. magician just aided Syndra’s damage if she was targeted too soon. You can add Jarvan from earlier to activate Guardian along with Neeko. On chest 9, we can add Lulu to activate Mysterious with Soraka to reduce the magic damage received.


The standard lineup includes: Neeko, Soraka, Poppy, Zoe, Ahri, Syndra, Xerath. Jarvan IV.

3. Mysterious Pioneer

Not only Poppy, Cassiopeia was also heavily buffed in version 10.17 when if she gets 3 stars, the damage she causes will be 3500. If in previous versions, you will usually only use 4 Vanguards. are Nautilus, Jayce, Mordekaiser and Wukong with 4 Mysteries in the bottom row, now you should replace Mordekaiser with Poppy, use Soraka as a springboard, get Janna in chest 9, then we can have 3 Star Guardian is much stronger.


The standard lineup includes: Poppy, Nautilus, Wukong, Jayce, Karma, Cassiopeia, Soraka, Lulu, Janna.

4. Mechanized formations

Sadly, Mech Giap is still being targeted at the moment so spamming it is still happening as usual. Teamfight Tactics – TFT. If you can finish Garen early and have a Cloak, it’s quite strong, but if you have a lot of your chess houses, you should switch to another formation.


Standard lineup: Annie, Rumble, Fizz, Viktor, Karma, Soraka, Shaco, Ziggs (or Gangplank).

5. Zed Swordsman

While Master Yi has been nerfed in recent versions, the chess player is starting to shift its main focus to another piece, Zed. This piece was originally strengthened at 10.16 when the amount of damage absorbed was buffed up quite a lot, but until the current version, with the appearance of the Golden Shovel galaxy, Zed really has a say. The right Zed is a stronger force than Yi and it is difficult to counter if the right set includes Angel Armor, Swordsman and Lien Thanh Cannon.


The standard lineup includes: Zed, Shen, YasuoMaster Yi, Irelia, Riven, Fizz.​

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