Who is the strongest “avenger” in the Avengers Comic version? (P.1)

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10. Iron Man

The original superhero Iron Man is much stronger than we imagined. Just an ordinary person, but in his body there are infinite possibilities. Not only is he a rich billionaire, a pompous player, but he also has a genius brain. Tony Stark’s creativity can help him create a lot of formidable weapons, such as the “arc reactor” and a collection of invincible armor. Iron Man has also faced super strong guys like Hulk, Thanos, Phoenix Force or Alien Planet. He is one of the creators and maintainers of the army Avengers mighty to this day and also the only commoner on this list.

9. Vision

Vision is an android (half human, half robot) who joined the Avengers during the squad’s renaissance. The guy loyally served the Avengers for many years, uniting to defeat many bad guys. Vision is considered one of the strongest members with formidable abilities such as: 3D imaging (disguising himself as a normal person or even becoming invisible), energy control, super hearing Sensory, optical scanner, voice changer, absorbing radiation from the sun, solar rays, densification, super durability, super health, penetrating flight, super intelligence. ..


8. Red Hulk

Used to be the “hardest” enemy of the Hulk (green). Red Hulk also has tremendous strength, he even defeated many strong people in the universe Marvel. The most typical is Red Hulk pulling Thor into space and using Thor’s own weapon – the god hammer Mjonir to let Thor “eat onions”. However, he has a big disadvantage, unlike the angry Hulk, the stronger he gets, the more angry the red Hulk gets, the hotter his body becomes, the climax the Red Hulk’s whole body will burn. When the body temperature rises, Red Hulk will get dizzy and be knocked down by Hulk. Therefore, the Red Hulk is only stronger than the Hulk in his normal state, and the Hulk if angered further will be stronger than the Red Hulk.

7. Captain Marvel

The first Captain Marvel was named Carol Danvers, but she’s not the only one to have held the title. This is also quite similar to Captain America. Captain Marvel’s abilities include: flight, supernatural health, super speed, toughness, endurance… At the same time, she can also absorb and store energy. Carol once joined the air force and almost became the commander of the security team of NASA, so she possesses great air combat ability. Because of these outstanding abilities, Captain Marvel helped and participated in the activities of both groups Guardians of The Galaxy mixed Avengersand is one of the strongest members of the ‘Revenge Squad’.

6. Dr. Strange

It would be a big mistake to mention the Avengers without mentioning the name Stephen Vincent Strange, aka Dr. Strange. He is the strongest wizard in the Avengers squad. Eternity once said that Dr. Strange is the strongest wizard in the universe, many times stronger than other superhero friends. Dr.Strange possesses the ability to manipulate the magical power of the universe, and can also borrow power from gods and demon lords to enhance the power of his attacks. And the most formidable is Black Magic, which can help him completely manipulate the power of others.

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