Which Super Saiyan is the strongest in Dragon Ball

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There have been many forms of transformation Super Saiyan debut in Dragon Ball. Emergenceingame.Com will list from weakest to strongest form or by timeline of Super . status Saiyan that (up to the present time).

Normal Saiyan

This is the normal form of a Saiyan. This race of space warriors is considered to be belligerent towards representatives like VegetaNappa or even Goku (Kakarot). In this state, the Saiyans also had a power many times greater than the Earthlings. If there was no “falling foot” phase and memory loss, we don’t know how aggressive our Goku can be. Remember that, Gohan Once commented, Goku has a great strength but is also extremely naughty and is always in a state of “like to fight”. Fortunately, that boy has become gentle and the savior of humanity countless times.


False Super Saiyan

This is a form of Super Saiyan transformation somewhat similar to King Kai’s Kaioken. In this state, the Saiyan warrior does not completely change his hair to yellow and has an orange aura around him. This form appears in Dragon Ball: Lord Slug


Super Saiyan

This is the form that is considered legendary, a milestone that any Saiyan would like to achieve. Vegeta once wanted to turn into a Super Saiyan when he encountered Frieza on planet Namek, but when he died, Vegata understood that he was wrong. It was only when Goku witnessed the death of his best friend Krillin that he officially became a Super Saiyan, a power that could easily take Frieza’s life. What surprised the God of Destruction Beerus himself. After this, Super Saiyan became a must-have standard for the remaining Saiyan warriors in Dragon Ball, before wanting to transform into their next form.


Super Saiyan Grade 2

This is a follow-up to the Super Saiyan, appearing during the period when the Z Warriors have to fight Cell. In this form, the character’s strength is stronger than the normal Super Saiyan level with the characteristic identity of more developed muscles and higher damage ability. Vegeta used this state when fighting the incomplete Cell and gained the upper hand before subjectively allowing Cell to evolve to Perfect. Goku realized the power of this state, but did not use it because he knew that Super Saiyan Grade 2’s biggest limitation was speed.


Super Saiyan Grade 3

Continues to be a Super Saiyan state that appears during the battle with Cell but is shown by Trunks. This is a state stronger than Super Saiyan Grade 2, which Krillin as well as Trunks himself misunderstood that Trunks was stronger than Vegeta. However, this state was quickly defeated by Perfect Cell because its speed was too slow and it was difficult to control its strength. Sadly, in the “last pages of his life”, it was Cell who made this mistake when he lost his temper when confronting Gohan Super Saiyan 2.


Full Power Super Saiyan

It can be said that the stage of fighting with Cell is the stage that generates the most Super Saiyan states. Full Power Super Saiyan appears when Saiyan warriors are in full control of their power, fully mastering the power of a Super Saiyan, comfortable in this state. The anger in the eyes is gone, the character’s facial expressions become much more calm. This is an idea given by Goku and adopted by the character himself as well as Gohan. The father and son have continuously put on Super Saiyan state, except when sleeping to be able to adapt to this state in the practice room during time.


To be continued.

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