Who is the strongest “avenger” in the Avengers Comic version? (P.2)

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5. Hyperion

Hyperion is said to be the Super Man of Marvel, because he has similar strength and appearance to the DC hero. Although Hyperion’s reputation is not as “popular” as Iron Man, his strength far exceeds that of Iron Man. He has formidable powers such as: extreme healing, flight, super speed, super health, wound healing, super regeneration, eyes that shoot atomic eye rays, Manipulating cosmic energy… It can be said that Hyperion is the Super Man version “with no weaknesses”.

4. Thor

Thor is the son of the supreme and mighty god, Odin Borson, ruler of the rich land of Asgard, and the earthly goddess Gaea. Thor is both the God of Thunder and a member of the team Avengers. Even before he was born, Odin realized that his son would have great feats, would be worshiped and worshiped in both worlds, and would be the future king of Asgard. Indeed, because of his holy blood, Thor’s power makes enemies afraid every time they encounter the Avengers army. Thor is the strongest god of Asgard, and the most powerful superhero in the universe. Thor is comprehensive in all 3 aspects, health comparable to Silver Surfer, endurance equal to Juggernaurt and magical ability not inferior to Dr. Strange classic. Moreover, he is also proficient in hundreds of thousands of different martial arts of many different races in the universe. Plus the help of the hammer Mjolnir makes Thor’s strength even more doubled.

3. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is the twin sister of Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) and both are the daughters of the evil Magneto and his second wife, Magda. She possesses terrifying and difficult-to-control magic, such as Chaos Magic, which allows her to change reality, even if she’s not careful, a single word from her can cause mass destruction. People. Wanda’s reality-altering ability even surpasses the threat of the Mad Jim Jasper multiverse because Wanda has no limits, no end, no eternity. Wanda is one of the most powerful mutants ever born in the universe. Moreover, she has the ability to fly and shoot magic lightning that burns everything.

2. Sentry

It has been suggested that Sentry did not need to join the Avengers, because he was too strong. Whether as a superhero Sentry or a villain, he can capture all the situation thanks to his formidable strength. Sentry possesses super strength, especially when turning into The Void, his strength is now increased many times, breaking all the bones in Hulk’s body. He also has super speed, super endurance, super senses, indestructible body, psychic ability, reincarnation of the dead… However, Sentry has the biggest weakness of being easily attacked by attacks. Spirituality. Sentry has a serious mental illness, the strength of Sentry is strong or weak depending on his mental state at that time.

1. Hulk
Finally, the position of the strongest “avenger” belongs to the Hulk. The standard green giant “muscular shoulder”, can easily let anyone in the Marvel universe “eat onions”. Originally, muscular people are usually good at talking with their fists, but Banner is considered one of the most transcendent minds on Earth, possessing “intelligence so great that it cannot be measured by any other means.” The Hulk’s strength depends on anger, the higher the anger, the stronger the Hulk. It can be said that Hulk is absolutely a superhero with both intelligence and courage. Hulk has withstood a mountain weighing up to 150 billion tons on his body, alone even with Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Iron Man, and Vision, or even, Hulk even defeated Thor, punching two big planets. and even a meteor twice the size of the earth…

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