Top 10 strongest and most mysterious characters in One Piece (P.2)

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5. Admiral “Blue Buffalo” RyokuGyu

This is a new and very mysterious character in One PieceNo one knows much about him yet. But there are also many reports that he is a hot-tempered person, with unparalleled strength. Although he is a “bad boy”, he has absolute faith in justice. He is a hot-tempered person, but outspoken and straightforward.


4. “Mr.0” Sir Crocodile

“Mr.0” Sir Crocodile is known for his image of a stubborn, unruly man. It can be said that Mr.0 Crocodile is the first character that can make Luffy suffer. As the director of the secret crime organization Baroque Works and a former member of the Shichibukai, Crocodile was also the first person to ever defeat Straw Hat Captain Luffy.


Crocodile possesses the superpower of the Suna Suna no Mi (a Logia-type Devil Fruit). This Devil Fruit allows the eater to turn into sand and use the power of the sand. In the battle with Luffy, Crocodile showed great strength and skill, making Luffy defeated twice and only lost in the third confrontation. The battle between Luffy and Crocodile was also appreciated by many One Piece fans. One of the best battles ever.

3. The Five Elders

The Five Elders are a group of people that even the Four Emperors have to be afraid of. They are the people who hold the highest power in the world, head of the current World Government. It was a group of five men, able to command the entire Marine force, Cipher Pol and Shi Yuhai.


In terms of power, perhaps not much need to be said, everyone knows that the Five Elders are the most powerful people in the whole One Piece world. They run the World Government, they can destroy an entire island with a simple summons or destroy an entire country if it is necessary. They can also command the aristocrats, the foundation of the world’s power, so it is hard to deny their power. Despite having the ultimate power, their strength is a mystery. But One Piece fans are convinced that in that position, they must possess powers that are hard to match to be able to run the World Government.

2. Kong

Kong is the Commander-in-Chief of the World Government. He served as Admiral of the Navy during the Edd War 27 years ago and during the execution of Gol D. Roger 24 years ago.


The Five Elders and Commander-in-Chief Kong (now renamed Pan) are considered the most powerful figures in the navy and world government. They never had to fight once because even their subordinates were hard to beat. Commander-in-Chief Kong is considered by everyone to be stronger than Admiral Sengoku by one level, he has never shown his ability once, not because he has no strength, but because he has not had one yet. who is worthy to be his opponent.

1. Shiki

Shiki – The Golden Lion is quite famous in the world of Pirate King and is the last man left who is praised as the “Legendary Pirate”. He was the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and was the first prisoner to escape from the notorious Impel Down prison. He owned one of the most powerful fleets at the time and was known for his extraordinary leadership.


During the 16-year period on the floating island, there was almost no information about Shiki from the World Government. Occasionally, anger also causes him to recklessly perform actions other than his original personality such as attacking Marineford alone. It is unknown how much Shiki’s strength changed during the two years of imprisonment. However, when he first encountered the Straw Hats, Shiki showed great strength, easily knocking them down and burying them in a giant stone pillar. Shiki was able to block Sanji’s kick with one hand, melee Luffy in Gear Second, dodge punches and counterattacks at almost the same time, dodge Usopp’s shots and block Zoro’s slashes with relative ease. back Zoro a very strong punch. The most amazing thing is Shiki’s ability to withstand blows and the fact that cutting off his own leg to escape Impel Down is enough to scare people.

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