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DC Comics Strongest Magical Superheroes (P.2)

10. Sargon the Sorcerer

Despite looking like Carnac the Magnificent, Sargon the Sorcerer is one of the oldest and most powerful wizards in the world. DC Comics. The character was first introduced in the comic book All-American #26 (released in 1941). He uses his real magic while fighting criminals. Sargon’s power stems from the Ruby of Life, allowing the user to have complete control over everything they touch. If you touch a person, it will act as a mind control spell. If you touch a non-living matter (like rock or water), it can be reshaped on command.


9. Silver Sorceress

People often know that DC and Marvel are always racing each other on the front of building superhero empires. Therefore, many characters in these two universes are built similarly. Like the members of Marvel’s Avengers, DC also created such a group of superheroes, the Champions of Angor. Champions of Angor consists of four members, Wandjina (corresponding to Thor), Blue Jay (Yellowjacket), Jack. B. Quick (Quicksilver), and Silver Sorceress – the equivalent of Scarlet Witch. The magic used by the Silver Sorceress is described as “Hex-Power”. It has the power to allow the user to fly and the ability to create magical structures, similar to the ring of the Green Lantern.


8. Raven

Raven is one of the most prominent members of the Teen Titans. She was born to a demon father and an ordinary mother, this combination giving her a lot of magical powers. Raven is an Empath, and can read/change other people’s emotions. Raven also possesses the ability to create illusions. Through the use of magic, Raven is able to cast shadows and attack her enemies. She can also absorb a portion of another’s wound, to make it heal faster.


7. Etrigan

Despite the fact that he is a demon living in hell, Etrigan has been a superhero for over 40 years now. Etrigan is a demon bound by the spirit of Jason Blood, a knight in the service of King Arthur. Due to this association, Jason is now immortal, and still lives in the modern world. If Jason reads a certain poem, he will transform into an Etrigan, and gain all the powers of a demon. Physically, Etrigan has faced Superman and Wonder Woman in the past. Due to his magical properties, he is able to quickly heal wounds, shoot Hellfire from his body, and absorb pain as if it were pleasure.


6. Alan Scott (First Green Lantern)

In All American Comics #16 (released 1940), Alan Scott creates a powerful ring from a meteorite, one that needs to “recharge” the power every 24 hours from a magical lantern. He became the superhero known as the Green Lantern, and used the remarkable power of his ring to fight evil. This Green Lantern ring has very similar powers to the latter ones forged on Oa. In some ways, Alan Scott’s ring is even stronger than the later Green Lanterns. His ring actually allows him to pass through solid objects.


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