Top 5 strongest guns in Knives Out

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Tran Thi Thanh Hai

  1. The ratings below are purely personal, if you are interested, follow along and leave a review!

    In Knives Out There are so many different weapons, there are long-range guns, close-range guns, each type of gun promotes its ability depending on the situation, it is difficult to distinguish which is good and which is not? In which case should it be used? What ammo range?… Below will be a bit of sharing that Emergenceingame.Com feels are the best 5 guns over a period of time, the ratings below are purely personal, if you are interested. Follow along and give us a review!

    Top 5. AK47


    • Pros: An extremely effective close-range gun, the perfect choice for face-to-face attacks.​

    • Cons: The recoil of the gun is hard to control.​

    Top 4. M4A1


    • Advantages: Fast, even bullet speed. High stability, less recoil

    • Cons: The damage effect is not as good as AK47.​

    Top 3. SK12


    • Advantages: Belongs to a close-range gun, no other gun can compare, high speed, extremely flexible when used.​

    • Cons: Can’t be used to fight vegetarian.​

    Top 2: AWM


    • Advantages: Deals great damage, stable recoil. Belongs to a long-range gun.​

    • Cons: Can only be obtained when an aircraft drops items, aiming from a distance is not easy.​

    Top 1. S-ARC


    • Pros: A lot of players like this rifle. Can combine many other accessories, combine silencer, stable recoil. Good long-range aiming, the bullet can travel 300m.​

    • Cons: Damage is not high.​


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