What is Cloud Save, Cross Save? Are the 2 the same?

Cross Save has just been released by Nintendo Switch official introduction trailer called My Way to Play: Join the game you love anywhere!

What is Cloud Save, Cross Save?  Are the 2 the same?

What are Cross Save and Cloud Save? Is it the same?

Many of you will be mistaken Cross Save and Cloud Save Both are 1 and the same, but these are two completely different concepts, let’s find out the difference with nShop!

What is Cross Save?

Cross Save is a feature that allows you to connect and continue the game you are playing on multiple platforms. This feature helps you not be confined to a single platform, especially if the game supports portable platforms like phones, Nintendo Switch, you can comfortably play games anywhere. .

Fortnite - The game supports Cross Save / Cross Platform

For example: Fortnite is the game ‘hardworking’ feature support Cross Save when you can comfortably switch between Nintendo SwitchPlaystation 4XboxPC and also smartphone.

You can comfortably log into the same account at any platform that the game supports without having to play again.

What is Cloud Save?

Cloud Save is a feature that saves your gameplay to cloud data, so when you log into the game on another device on the same platform, the old data will be downloaded on the new device, reducing the risk. lose data when something goes wrong.

What is Nintendo Switch Online Cloud Save?

For example: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game with feature support Cloud Save on Nintendo Switch. If you convert your Save Game data from one Nintendo Switch to another, you just need to log in your Nintendo account to your new Switch and start downloading the Save data again.

To use the feature Cloud SaveYou will need to subscribe to the package Nintendo Switch Online for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Plus for PlayStation 4.

What are the benefits of Cross Save and Cloud Save?

Think if you ever spent a hundred hours on your favorite PC game, how much time it took so that when you switch to playing on handheld, you have to spend more time like that. How boring it is.

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Trailer introduces the Cross-Save feature on the Nintendo Switch

The most important thing Cross Save Now that you do not interrupt your game play or you will not need to plow hundreds of hours of playing of the same game when you have played on other platforms before. You simply switch to another device to continue the game.

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Trailer introduces Cloud Save feature on Nintendo Switch Online

As for Cloud Save is extremely useful for players who have two devices on the same platform, the best example is Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite! It doesn’t take you too long to convert data from Nintendo Switch to Switch Lite with just an internet connection to download data and boom, you’re ready to continue gaming on your computer Switch Lite Easy to take away!

Games that support the Cross Save feature on the Nintendo Switch

The game supports the Cross Save feature on the Nintendo Switch

SMITE – MOBA game that supports Cross Save feature

At now, Fortnite, SMITE and Dauntless are supported games Cross Save Most cross-platform players can easily switch devices by simply logging in to their account.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Civilization VI above Nintendo Switch support Cross Save when linked to an account Steam on PC quickly.

Cross Save gives a new signal to the future of the gaming industry

Feature Cross Save Offering a future where you will experience your favorite games on a stationary device like PlayStation, Xbox, PC And when you need to go out, you simply sync your game data to a portable gaming device like a smartphone, Nintendo Switch good Nintendo Switch Lite Compact and handy, allowing you to comfortably battle games with friends anywhere.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered will support Cross Save


Yet that graphics when playing on Nintendo Switch at the present time can not be equal to above PC, PS4, Xbox etc .. but the technology is still evolving, especially when Nvidia just announced Super powerful new AI super chip is expected to be used for Nintendo Switch Pro It will not be strange if in the future, you can experience the game with graphics close to or even equal to the PC when playing on Nintendo Switch.

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