How to connect PS5 Dualsense controller to iPhone, iPad

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Gamepad for iPhone or iPad is quite important because it contributes to your experience instead of using a touch screen. Many of us prefer to choose PS4 controllers or PS5 controllers, Xbox controllers because these types of controllers are almost the measure of standards for game developers.

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Today nShop will guide you how to connect PS5 Dualsense controller to iPhone, iPad in the easiest and fastest way so that you can buy it and use it right away!

How to connect PS5 Dualsense controller to iPhone, iPad

To connect the PS5 Dualsense controller on your iPhone or iPad, you must first make sure your iOS or iPadOS operating system is version 14.5 or later.

  • Go to section Setting on iPhone/iPad (Settings)
  • Go to Bluetooth
  • On the PS5 Dualsense controller, press and hold the PS button in the center of the device along with the Share button on the left until the light on the PS5 controller flashes continuously.

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  • On iPhone/iPad will show PS5 controller detected, you need to click to connect it

How to configure the PS5 Dualsense controller on iOS and iPadOS

After connecting the PS5 Dualsense controller to your iPhone / iPad successfully, you can use it to play any game included in Apple Arcade. As for games outside of Apple Arcade, you need to review the information from the game developer to see if it is supported or not.

Especially interesting is that the PS5 Dualsense controller also supports tvOS 14.5 and above for Apple TV devices, so you can also take advantage of it to control on this device.

Customize the buttons on the Dualsense controller

If you rarely play console games, you will probably not be familiar with the layout of the controller and want to tweak it. Thankfully Apple allows you to do that easily through 4 steps:

  • Open Settings (Settings)
  • Go to General
  • Go to Game Controller
  • Change the key press, the feature you want to fine-tune as a personal habit

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Most of the buttons on the handle are reconfigurable. The Share button of the PS5 controller has been assigned to a particularly handy feature for gamers:

  • Click Share: Take a screenshot while playing
  • Double-click Share (2 times in a row): Start recording the playing screen

Hopefully, the above sharing will be useful for those of you who are using iPhone and iPad. In addition to the Dualsense controller, iOS / iPadOS / TVOS also support the PS4 controller, Xbox Series controller and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Therefore, depending on the needs and availability of each individual, you can choose the hand to play the game, but do not have to buy the right type.

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Products you may need when playing mobile games with Dualsense nShop recommend the following:

Wish you have a happy experience with games on your phone. If you have any questions or want to test the PS4, PS5, and Xbox controllers, you can visit the nShop store for the staff to support you to experience more!


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