What is a co-op game & 4 things you need to know!

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– Honey, give me a Nintendo Switch game disc to play 2 players

– Do you like co-op games, right? My side has … A, B, C … X, Y, Z …

– What is a co-op game?

– Co-op game means …

What is co-op game?

A word that is inherently familiar and almost becomes the vocabulary “branch” Of gamers, but not 100% sure we all know where it comes from and what it means. Today let’s find out what co-op game is with nShop and 4 interesting things surrounding it!

1 / What is a co-op game?

Game co-op stands for “Cooperative gameplay” Just about a game that allows for a group (two or more people) play together, cooperate with each other to complete game missions throughout the storyline.

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2 / Many people misunderstand that for every 2 players is a game “co cover”

Although it is said that these games are group games of 2 or more, not all multiplayer games are in this coop genre. For example in PS4 game list for 2 players that nShop listed before, there are games in the fighting genre (duel, fighting game) rather than playing games together.

fighting games are not co-op games

Not just playing 2 people is coop, but there are genres like fighting, sport …

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To make it easier to imagine, you can watch the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 superhero game vlog on the Nintendo Switch below:

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3 / Many people mistakenly think this is the most emotional game genre, but vice versa …

Criteria is to buy coop game to increase “emotional value” Brothers, friends, family because we play together, have fun and laugh together, but the common end is the phase “inhibition” and slapped each other until they broke their sister-in-law relationship like:

– Oh my god you are so stupid!

– You dragged my life again!

– Small children “cow” this lost again !!!

friends play coop game together

Those are typical screens that are aggressive when playing games, but not to the point “loss of feelings” like nShop exaggerates because basically these moments of bickering bring more laughter except for some people who can’t hold it back ^^. So to play coop game you should first contract is “pull dead without cursing” Please!

4.Now Nintendo has more co-op games than the Playstation?

Most Nintendo games play 2 or more people and those titles fall into coop games, fighting games, sports, party. While the whole world is “go fast forward” Up to the 4-dot era with the trend of online play, focusing on battle royale, Nintendo still faithfully exploits scene games, game party together with co-op to bring the value of connection between friends and family.

captain toad update playing 2 people co-op game

Playstation exploits elements of graphics, sound, game story more, so the game trend is also non-stop. This leads to the majority of PS4 titles being FPS, Fighting, Action, and RPG instead. There are also a few coop games that have been released but have not received a positive signal about sales. Therefore, to choose to buy a Nintendo Switch game console or a PS4 console, you need to consider your favorite genre. For example, buying a PS4 but when a large family likes to play co-op games can be a pity.

Nintendo Switch tape game

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