What is a season pass? Should I buy a Season Pass game disc or a regular game disc?

Many customers wonder when buying some eoh yeaha PS4 or Nintendo Switch game on cover with word printing “Include season pass”. So what is the season pass and why is the game disc with the season pass higher than the price of a normal game disc? Today let’s find out with nShop season pass what is offline!

What is the season pass?

What is Season Pass?

Season pass is a discount package for download content of a game. Accordingly, when you buy a game disc with Season Pass, it means that all the DLCs are downloaded after the game developer launches, you will be downloaded at no extra cost instead of buying one by one. The price of game discs with Season Pass will be higher than regular game discs, but it will be cheaper than buying regular game discs and then buying retail DLC packages. (Download content is current and future downloadable assets – DLC ).

Controversy over what it means to be season pas …

Its name is derived from the concept of season tickets. This idea has caused controversy due to the fact that game developers often do not tell gamers what future downloads will include, sometimes given in advance, but execution plans are not correct. as promised. This results in you suffering “hole” when buying season pass version game.

Take for example the PS4 AAA game selling $ 60 regular version, the season pass $ 90 with a 1-year plan that will have 5 DLC packs for $ 10 packs. Buyers will think if buying $ 60 + $ 10 + $ 10 + $ 10 + $ 10 + $ 10 = $ 110 vs. $ 90 for the season pass, buying a PS4 game disc with season pass will “word” more than 20 $. In fact, not all games are successful when selling and that AAA game only sells a few tens of thousands of discs, leading to a loss and stops developing this game when only the first 2 packages of DLC are developed.

season pass game final fantasy

At this time, buyers of the reverse season pass will lose $ 10 compared to those who buy regular and retail DLC. So now what is the meaning of the season pass or just a trick?

So buy a regular game disc and buy a DLC or buy a game disc that includes Season Pass?

In nShop’s opinion, you should buy the game disc, rather than the disc with the season pass. The reason is:

  • You are not sure what the future of DLC is and how much, why you have to spend more money on that game
  • Who dares to make sure the DLC is good or bad? What if the DLC is bad and you don’t want to play it?
  • New games are released continuously, old games no matter how DLC or what size, by that time you will still stick with it or have run after a new game.

What is the season pass in the game

However, I say it again, so the high sales of the game disc containing the season pass are and where they come from. There are also people who would rather buy this Season Pass, for example the fans of the game. Some major publishers like Ubisoft has always announced its future DLC plans for gamers to make decisions easier.

Hope with the article “What is a season pass?” This will help you understand what the season pass is and make a decision when you buy the game, even though the choice is still up to you. Wish you have a very happy game experience, and don’t forget if you have any questions regarding game concepts, please ask questions for nShop to answer for everyone!

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