Top 5 most powerful champions in League of Legends 10.20

Tournaments World Championship of the League of Legends smoothly going on and teams from all over the world are busy competing for the crown. In spite of update League of Legends 10.20 will not affect professional play, but it will have a major effect on the rating mode of the game. So let’s take a look at the top 5 strongest generals in EmergenceInGame League of Legends 10.20 Please!

Top lane – Camille

Camille outperformed Maokai
Camille outperformed Maokai

Maokai The mighty has finally been cut down after Riot Skill damage reduction Q. This has made many players choose Camille Thanks to her ability to confront the strongest foes League of Legends. Camille Not only good maneuverability thanks Hook ShotHer intrinsic defense also helps Steel Shadow not be faltered in battle.

The animal monster - Maokai
The animal monster – Maokai

Camille Always a popular pick for those who want an edge in 1 vs 1 teamfights. After all, Camile still very strong thanks to the move Hook Shot when dealing with the masses. If you want to win your way, then Camille is one of the best top laners to pick in League of Legends 10.20.

Jungle – Graves

The outlaw - Graves
The outlaw – Graves

Outlaw’s residents Riot tried to take back the jungle crown from hand Karthus after the power drop Death. Unlike most junglers, your skill set Graves allow Outlaw Easily wipe out the enemy team’s jungle quickly. Bullets, Blind Bombs, and Quick Pulls are skills that allow Graves There are many advantages in the jungle that not all junglers have.

Having a jungler that can carry your team in the game will not only give you a lot of bonus for killing enemies, but also prevent your team’s snowball plans. Graves currently has selected rate 16.68% and win rate 50.68%, making him a popular choice for junglers.

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Mid lane – Zed

Lord Zed
Lord Zed

Zed once again regained his top spot in the update 10.20. Dark assassin This can easily capture an opponent with his clone, allowing him to join and escape from battles. Having an excellent mid laner sneaking into the enemy’s backline and plunging down to capture key champions, especially in late-game teamfights, is essential.

In fact, Master of Shadows just take a few kills before you can snowball and take control of the game. Zed Rated as one of the most mobile assassins for mid lane. Institute accelerated skill launch Living Shadow in version 10.14 also increases the strength for Zed. With so many options for mid lane position, the choice Zed will be the chest card for you to climb rank in this new version.

Bottom lane – Ezreal

Ezreal has quite a stable strength in League of Legends 10.20
Ezreal has quite a stable strength in League of Legends 10.20

When Explorer has been floating on top position charts since version 10.12, He is often beaten by other Ads like Senna and Caitlyn. However, the latest update has brought Ezreal to the top position in the meta ADC. Explorer Not only has great texture ability Mysterious Shot and The Quintessence Flowing He is also extremely mobile thanks to his skill Archeology.

In spite of Ezreal may not have as far an attack range of Caitlyn Or great teamfight potential thanks to his ultimate Ashe, but he has perfect kills when flying a kite or chasing. Being able to safely chase and escape the fight with the Archeology is a huge advantage, especially when you have to deal with overly aggressive opponents. The growing popularity of Ezreal Which has caused him to receive up to pick rates 38.27% on the Korean server, making him the most played bot lane champion.

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Support – Lulu

Support mage Lulu
Support mage Lulu

Though receives a significant nerf to skill damage W of hers, but still does not diminish her true strength. Lulu Has completely tore everything in the bot lane thanks to his excellent poking ability Light and Spear Transform, while her ultimate can be used as a skill that is both offensive and defensive.

Will the power decrease of W Whether or not to have a major effect on her performance is still to be considered, but for now, this support continues to be a popular choice. As written, Lulu has a win rate 51.47% and selected rate 14.19%, So you will want to prioritize or ban this champion in queue for your next ranked match.

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