Should I buy a game console for my school age children?

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Portal support nShop email [email protected] Recently received some questions from parents about should I buy a Nintendo or Playstation series for my child when he is still in school. Fear affects more or less your child’s learning or worse, the lazy child just plugs in to play the game …

Should I buy a game console for children?

For the above questions, nShop would like to have an article “thinking” answers for parents in Gamers Blog for everyone to have additional comments instead of replying to separate mail to avoid the case “Selling cats that compliment long-tailed cats”, nShop sells game compliments rewarding game. You can comment below or comment on facebook to nShop to complete more advice for parents!

Do not allow children to play games

1 / Is gaming useless, a waste of time?

According to the old beliefs of parents, most of the game play is pointless and a waste of time. Why don’t you spend that time participating in activities such as soccer, basketball, swimming, math, English …

However, that thought is a bit negative, because it is not always useless to play games. Do you know, In the US, MIT has also brought Starcraft into the teaching subject with its name “Skills in Starcraft in the 21st century”. Playing games is like other forms of entertainment such as reading stories: There are stories that are nonsense, some stories are very humanistic education. And do whatever they need to have a good new moderation. Hence playing games except “let go” For your children to play violent killing games or pointless bullshit, there are other advantages to the game such as:

  • Practice creative thinking
  • Increase exploration and discovery skills
  • Increased self-sensitivity
  • Increase your English skills

Choosing the right game for children

Many gamers between the ages of 13 and 20 are already making money playing games – not just for fun, but they can also live stream, compete for tournaments. Someone thanks to thinking in the game that pursues game programming.

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2 / So how do you know which game is useless and which game is useful? I want my kids to stay away from violent games

The issue of buying games that are suitable for the age and genre needed for children to play, in countries like the US and Europe, people have been interested for a long time and set up a game rating system so in Vietnam. you also have peace of mind that you can use them together. With US games – we have a worthwhile system ESRB (See now Divide the game by age.

In Europe, the game is rated by standards Pegi (Refer

When purchasing game discs, you can refer to these two popular rating systems that any game disc released on the market is required to be labeled.

3 / What about managing my baby’s game time, what should I do? I do not want my child to play games too much and drop out of school.

To manage game time, Nintendo consoles like Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 2DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo Switch and Sony’s like Sony Playstation 4 there are categories Parental Control let you control your baby’s playing time: Set the time slots allowed to play the game, time each day, the genre of the game being played. Even the Nintendo Switch has its own mobile app for you to check out and be able to “interrupt” the game goes any time you want.

Playing games together helps children blend in in a different way

These features are very useful and relatively easy to use, built into every console. Therefore, when buying a game console for your baby, if there is a need, you can ask the salesman to guide you to use it.

4 / How old are you to play games? Should children play games from game consoles like PS4, Nintendo Switch or use iPad, Tablet?

In terms of age, according to nShop’s experience, from 1-7 years old, you should not let your baby play games but focus on entertaining activities such as Lego. This age needs maximum eye protection and limited contact with electronic devices is not good for health.

At the age after 7 years old, you can play games to enhance your ability to think, create and explore like games. Minecraft on PS4 or games Mario, Kirby, Tetris

Playing games together helps develop intelligence

Using an iPad or Tablet also has many games for learning and entertainment, but the level of investment from those games is not as high as those on specialized game consoles. In addition, it is difficult to control potentially dangerous activities from websites, Youtube, videos that this device can access.

5 / Tips for you

With the constant development of the times, banning children from gaming is actually not a bad thing, but also not necessarily a good thing. The prohibition is sometimes not equal to allowing the game to be managed, training children to know the good and the bad, which game should be avoided.

Play a Playstation game with your child

Plus, the person ultimately responsible for your baby’s thinking development is still yourself. Instead of buying and leaving it for your child to explore, what to play, whatever you do, you can also play with them. Explore together, have fun together. In the shop there are many cases parents choose iPad instead of Nintendo, Playstation for their children because they will be “healthy” immediately. Their children can plug their eyes into the iPad without disturbing them, freely watch Youtube, play Fornite, GTA … mine.

Let’s take a closer look at game consoles, games suitable for your child’s age, useful!

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