U50 still loves strategy games, this uncle makes many young people take their hats off

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With the explosion of information technology and the growing attraction of games, the gaming community is also expanding more and more than ever, from female gamers appearing more and more to boys just a few years old. , or even U50, 60 gamers are also increasing.

Recently, the image of a boss in his 50s still calmly sitting and pounding the keyboard loudly playing League of Legends not only makes fans of this game but also the gaming community in general have to “take off their hats”.


The image was taken by a gamer by chance at a net shop and shared on a forum for League of Legends players. It is known that despite his age, this uncle is still passionate strategy game. Although the skill may not be too high, this gamer is really impressed by his uncle’s extremely serious playing attitude.

“Today, I went to the shop to meet this uncle. I’m old too, but I’m still passionate about strategy games and all. Although his skill is really not too high, he plays very seriously. That’s what makes a real gamer.”


Indeed, any of us who have encountered such a scene in real life must have been surprised and delighted. Because the net shop is often considered a hangout place for the majority of young people, students, and students. We are so used to the fact that parents go to the internet shop to find their children, force them to go home and not play games. So it is extremely rare for an uncle to sit on the net playing games. Many gamers expressed their wishes: “I wish this was my father”.

At this point, perhaps many people will change their thoughts or negative stereotypes about the game for a long time. The game is not just a pastime of those who are said to be “young buffalo”, useless and unskilled as many people still think. Above all, games are a form of entertainment for everyone. Where children, schoolboys and girls come after stressful school hours, people go to work to relieve stress, and even where the elderly “remain old”. A lot of evidence in fact shows that age is not a problem that prevents them from reaching their passion and it is thanks to the game that they find their joy. It is also one of the secrets to living longer, of course, still need a mode of living and playing in moderation. And you, as a true gamer, how old do you think you will be playing games until?

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