Millions of gamers are addicted to this zombie game

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It seems that gamers are still very interested in the zombie theme, with more than a million people pouring into the world of State of Decay 2 since the game was released early on May 18 and officially released on May 22. So, although not giving many additional elements to the Xbox One version, Microsoft gamers still managed to broadcast more than 3.5 million hours of streaming, 41,000 content and killed about 675 million zombies.


In addition, the statistics also show that gamers have survived in the game for an average of 3 days each, and some have even reached the 1-month mark. In spite of State of Decay 2 The game has been criticized a lot for its heavy bug status, but it is possible that the lower price and the establishment of the PC-Xbox platform connection have helped this game continue to be popular.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also promises that patches will be released after continuing to work with the Undead Labs production unit.​

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