Egress is a survival game dressed in the colors of Dark Soul

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Developer Fazan Games studio and developer of Dark Soul game title Egress will go into limited testing on August 1, and at the same time, announce new images to introduce players to the characters and graphics of this game.


Egress is a survival game set in the Victorian era, the space of the game has a dark color that makes the game seem to increase its mystical look. Still brings the style of the traditional survival game like fighting to become a survivor, but a completely new point, instead of running and after a while the circle is narrowed, in Egress builds a multi-storey city, after a period of time, the water will slowly rise, the player must find a way to climb as high as possible. Along with that is to pay attention to the enemies hiding somewhere.

There will be many character classes for players to choose from with separate skill sets, players can play single, team, according to known information, the game currently supports at least 21 players participating in the game. a match. With that context, the weapon the player uses will be the sword and combined with the character’s own skills, the player will be immersed in a medieval battle that you only see in the movies.


As planned, the game will be released this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox one platforms, now the game is available on the Steam platform.

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