Ant-Man’s Reason For Not Joining ‘Infinity War’ Is Answered In New Ant-Man 2 Trailer

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Surely everyone when watching Avengers: Infinity War Both are puzzled by the mysterious absence of Hawkeye and Ant-man. This makes the fans of these two superheroes doubt that they have been “kicked” from the lineup Avengers. Recently, however, the Marvel released a new trailer for the solo movie Ant-man and the Wasp. It also revealed the reason why Ant-Man could not join the fight with Thanos and his friends in the “infinity battle”.


Through the trailer, it can be seen that Ant-man actually wants to participate in the battle, not cowardly. However, he was kept under house arrest for 2 years and could only play bowling and drumming every day. The reason for this detention is because Ant-man sided with Captain America against the Treaty of Sokovia in Civil War. Instead of running away with the other members, Ant-man and Hawkeye also have their own families, so they have to make a deal with the government to let them return home but have their powers limited by a control device attached to them. at the foot.

But of course, he was Ant-Man – a superhero, he couldn’t give up so easily. So on the one hand, Scott Lang is still peacefully at home playing with his daughter, and looking to pastimes like bowling and drumming. On the other hand, he secretly contacted the first Ant-man – Dr. Hank Pym. But also thanks to this seclusion, Scott Lang was able to return to “counterattack” with the evil Thanos, saving his teammates in the battle. Avengers 4.

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