Quyet Chien Hoa Son – Misthy war makes gamers excited, released at 10am on June 21

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Lam Binh Chi joined the Hoa Son sect and married Yue Linh San as his wife with a plot to avenge the feud between the family. Lenh Ho Chong’s unrequited love with the young bamboo horse – Nhac Linh San also cut off from here.


Musical Linh San was murdered by Lam Binh Chi, but fortunately she escaped death and returned to search for Linghu Chong for help. The Huashan sect’s civil war began here. Other forces in the Gypsy also took this opportunity to wage a war for the throne of Minh Lord Vo Lam.
Talking about Nhac Linh San, a few years ago he received a miracle, mastered the octagonal scriptures, had an extremely profound martial arts, so he had a burning intention to dominate the world, monopolizing the lord. Will Hoa Son calm the internal turmoil and who will be the ruler to stabilize the Gypsy?

Hoa Son appeared, his pants gathered
Nine Swords Lonely howls the evil one

With the incarnation of the character Nhac Linh San in the classic Tieu Ngao Giang Ho – Boss Misthy appeared at 12 o’clock on June 21, becoming the most sought-after character in the new version of Quyet Chien Hoa Son, at the server. new Hoa Son launched on the same day.


The new version of Quyet Chien Hoa Son is a place for heroes to gather to compete in martial arts competitions in the World Martial Arts Festival, with the unique title of Minh Chu Vo Lam for the winner. The battle for the top position is still going on very hard when the Gypsy masters are honing their swords before G time. With the dramatic qualifying round taking place on June 17th, The ranking of players gradually became smaller and selected 32 talents to continue to the next round.


With the launch of a new sect, Hoa Son, which is loved by many gamers, is expected to cause a worrying sect imbalance. Hoa Son usurped Wudang to become the most dominant faction in the Unparalleled Pride 2? However, victory or defeat in skill, other sects still have their own advantages and gamers take advantage of that strength to the fullest. Typically, we may have the first-placed character in the qualifying round of the Martial Arts Conference belonging to the Tieu Dao sect, not Nga My or Wudang, as rumored.


In addition, in the new version, Quyet Chien Hoa Son updated with many more features such as Meridians, Boss Chien Than Hac Moc Nhai, Hunger Games and propmotion “Happy Worldcup – shoveling great gifts” with many attractive gifts. And yet, in this new Version, NPH GOSU plays box when giving gamers a lot of new code to act like a wanderer.


Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2 is the only 2D client game this year, so with this new version, the gamer community became active, calling for a guild to prepare for the opening of the server. The appearance of the most prestigious female streamer in the gaming industry – Misthy and many attractive features, we look forward to the explosion of this game in the increasingly harsh game market.

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