Notable changes of Onmyouji in the update on March 21

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Shuten Douji


Rage Magic adjusted: Shuten Douji explodes with demonic power, instantly restoring 30% of his maximum health, and increasing his action bar by 50%. Entering the demon king state, the number of turns is equal to the number of wine gourds, now Shuten Douji is immune to control effects such as taunt, freeze, silence, stun, sleep, transformation, chaos, also have 10% more blood sucking effect. After finishing the state will consume all wine bottles. Cannot be used while in demon lord state or without a wine pot.

Spell Leveling Effect:
Lv.2 Demon King Status Lifesteal efficiency increased by 15%
Lv.3 Demon King Status Lifesteal efficiency increased to 20%
Lv.4 Demon King Status Lifesteal efficiency increased to 25%
Lv.5 Demon King Status Lifesteal efficiency increased by up to 30%

Shuten Douji’s design is a shikigami that accumulates power through the wine bottles he possesses, but his great move is simple and not really effective when the cost is too great compared to the effect. return results. NPH has decided to bring in a modification of Shuten Douji’s great move to give him the ability to increase his combat power through the use of his own wine bottles.



Invincible: Heiyo petrifies himself, reduces damage taken by 20%, reduces his own speed by 50%, and taunts all enemies, each enemy has 50% (+effective accuracy response) is provoked (can be disarmed), every time Heiyo loses 25% of his maximum health, the provocation rate increases by 5%. Being provoked forcibly using basic attacks against Heiyo in the next act.

Spell Leveling Effect:
LV.2 Damage reduction ratio increased to 30%
LV.3 Damage reduction ratio increased to 40%
LV.4 Damage reduction ratio increased to 50%
LV.5 Damage reduction ratio increased to 60%

Heiyo’s control ability is too strong, he shows his overwhelming power with extremely high battle rate and win rate. So NPH decided to make a correction to help him regain his balance. The auto-reduction gives Heiyo’s enemies room to act. Instead, Heiyo’s resistances will be increased to help him better support allies in the role of protection to take damage.



The awakening spell from U Quang enhancement changed to Minh Dang enhancement.
Enhanced Ugly Light: Has a 30% chance to absorb 1 demon fire from its target city (ie directly receiving the old awakening effect).
Enhanced Minh Dang: When it’s our shikigami’s turn to act, Aoandon has a 10% chance to help that unit gain Minh Dang effect for 1 turn. Under the state of Minh Dang, releasing magic spells will not need to consume demon fire.

Spell Leveling Effect:
Lv.2 Activation rate increased to 12%
Lv.3 Activation rate increased to 14%
Lv.4 Activation rate increased to 16%
Lv.5 Activation Rate increased to 40%, each Fire Demon reduces activation chance by 3%

Add Minh Dang Awakening Enhancement: When an ally activates Minh Dang’s effect, each fire demon currently available deals 5% more damage.
Aoandon’s design is to be a fire demon support for allies, while harassing the enemy team with the ability to absorb enemy fire. However, this ability has not been properly utilized, so this edit is the key to helping Aoandon clarify his role. The ability to support allies to use skills that do not require demon fire and also receive an additional effect that increases damage by up to 40% promises to be a potential demonic support.



Slaughter Enhancement: Added effect after the spell is increased: After locking the target, it will receive 2 additional attacks. But when the last attack deals lethal damage, it will not trigger the target transfer effect, nor will it gain additional hits.
Youtouchi with the design is a pure damage shikigami with the ability to kill each enemy with the ability to kill each enemy, receiving additional effects to finish the enemy will receive 2 more attacks to help her complete her task well. .

Kachou Fuugetsu


Adjusted the Rule: Adjusted the effect when raising spells, the capacity of the flying bird after maxing from 4 is reduced to 3, but the damage of each bird has been adjusted from 30% to 40%, ratio Flying bird healing activation rate increased from 60% to 80%.
Kachou Fuugetsu’s power is proving to be too great with the ability to deal damage with multiple hits, combined with the female spirit needle can cause too much damage for a healing support, not to mention the ability to block. one-of-a-kind control stand and own healing and turn-pulling passive. So this nerf is aimed at balancing her damage output by reducing her max by one, in return increasing her healing and power each so as not to change her healing. this girl.

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