Tru Tien 3D- Being ‘kicked’ by his girlfriend for having a virtual love, male gamers blamed the game

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Although we still know that the online game is just a virtual world, it is impossible to confirm that all the relationships that come from here are also virtual. Whether it’s love or friendship, brotherhood, those feelings are sometimes even more sincere and deeper than real-life relationships, and the people involved are also greatly influenced by these emotions. that sentiment. That’s why there are so many fairy tales “virtual world – real love” written from here.

It won’t be a big deal because those are all natural feelings, when you meet someone who is similar in personality, soul, common interests, common passion or stick together every day. activities, tasks in the game, it is understandable and happy when thanks to the game that you find yourself a suitable first half. However, what happens when you have a lover outside but accidentally fall in love with someone else in the game, even realizing that the emotion in the virtual world is deeper than in real life? This is also the reason why many couples suddenly go their separate ways, especially when they cannot find a common voice day by day.


Recently, on the group for gamers Tru Tien 3D, a guy had to post “crying” lamenting about his 3-year love story. He shared sadly: “Me and my lover have been in love for nearly 3 years but our feelings have faded and everything is broken because of this game. Real love is inferior to virtual love, brother. I don’t know how this game is, just played it briefly. But she can leave her lover because of the game. Brothers and sisters, let me ask if this game is so addicting that you break up with your lover? Actually, I never thought that my lover would break up with me because of playing games with him, even though I have never met him. Even if I try to keep it, it’s pointless. Should I wait for her now or should I give up?


Listen to the guy’s confide, a lot in expressing his views. Perhaps because he is still in love, this male gamer can’t accept that he is “kicked” just because of someone else that his lover has only known through the game and insists on blaming the game and the 3rd person. But Outsiders look at it with different ways of thinking. Maybe this 3-year relationship has no longer brought much emotion to the girl, the relationship has had many cracks. It was because the feelings had become blurred, plus the appearance of new people, and strange emotions that made her decide to end the relationship so quickly. Fantasy or real doesn’t matter, what matters is the emotion. As one gamer commented: “Actually, you’re making a lame comparison. Love is unpredictable. I agree that the other female friend is wrong, but if you say that virtual love is not equal to real love, I don’t think it is true either. There is a saying “virtual world real love” is that you have to understand that emotions are real.


Lots of advice he should accept and give up. But who knows, the love that the girl is running after is just a misconception and a temporary crush? But even so, after all, the relationship between the two of them before had too many problems and needed to be reconsidered from both sides!

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