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Food Fantasy – Super weird RPG to satisfy foodies on Mobile

Food Fantasy looks like a traditional Japanese role-playing game, including characters like straight out of anime and turn-based hero collecting. However, the truth is that all the “beautiful boys and girls” in the game are… food.


Each hero is a series of food and drink, and the identity is just a “representation” for the food. Narrator is a pretty girl Tiramisu who always calls the player “brother”, she is the guide to collect other characters such as Hot Dog, Wine, Chocolate, etc.

Gameplay of Food Fantasy faithful to the style of collecting cards and passing levels, playing in your turn JRPG game. However, instead of collecting hero pieces, players will search for the necessary ingredients to cook. When there are enough ingredients, a new “character” – or more precisely, a new “dish”, will be unlocked.

Trailer Food Fantasy

Along with their favorite “foods”, players proceed to form a 5-member team, challenge monsters, and protect the world. Of course, each dish will have its own weapons and skills.

In addition to the task of saving the world, if you find enough ingredients and dishes, the player’s “restaurant” will receive a Michelin star – a title for world-class restaurants.​

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