Two world-famous developers join forces to defeat the Hacks

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Producers cheat software will be to sue sooner or later by the companies that own the games hack. Typically, Activision sued a company for cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone in August 2020, and in 2019, Ubisoft sued a Rainbow Six Siege hacker. And most recently, biological father Valorant Riot Games and developer Destiny 2 studio Bungie filed a joint lawsuit against a hacking software company called GatorCheats.


The lawsuit notes that both Destiny 2 and Valorant are free, so Bungie and Riot make money through the sale of virtual items in their games. The success of that system relies on attracting and retaining a large number of users who are willing to invest money to “enhance their own experience” and claim that fraudulent software is hindering this.

The lawsuit states: “An important element of the player’s experience is the fairness and integrity of the Game, and as a result, Plaintiffs invest a great deal of time and money to ensure that all players The game is played equally and there is fair progression in the Game. If a player perceives that someone else is cheating or has an unfair advantage, they will become frustrated with the Game and stop playing. may disrupt and/or destroy the Game’s community of players and severely damage Plaintiff’s ability to generate revenue and affect the maintenance, improvement, and expansion of the Game.”


Bungie and Riot are seeking a ban on distribution of cheat software in Valorant and Destiny 2 and ending support for all existing GatorCheats services, fully accounting for all GatorCheats sales in the US, total proceeds from the sale of GatorCheats and various damages and attorneys’ fees. While specific figures have not been released at this time, the lawsuit claims the two game makers have lost “millions of dollars in revenue”, noting that GatorCheats offers its services at a price ” exorbitant”: $90/month, $250/three-month or $500 for a perpetual subscription to Valorant, while the Destiny 2 hack costs $100/three-month, or $200 for a perpetual subscription.

The lawsuit was filed on January 8, and it took some time to open a trial, but it has had an impact: The GatorCheats website and store has removed nearly all of the content and is currently under review. listed as “in repair”.


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