Top 15 most terrifying weapons in the superhero world (P2)

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In the previous part we have seen Detroyer – armor that was forged by Odin with the goal of countering the power of Celestial when this cosmic entity arrives on Earth for the 4th time. But beyond the armor that brings great strength can be Defeating both Thor and Hulk, Odin also possesses another divine weapon. Yes, it’s exactly Odinsword aka… Ragnarok. Legend has it that if the Odinsword is plucked from its sheath, “The end of the universe will come soon after”.

It was Odinsword along with the Destroyer armor that gave Odin the strength to oppose the terrifying power of Celestial. The Odinsword was later passed on to Thor in his battle with the Serpent – Odin’s brother and the God of fear.


Superman Sword

The creators of the Superman series in a single volume helped power-addicted fans satisfy their inner thirst by offering the Sword of Superman. With a confusing background, this sword only knows that it was born during the Big Bang event and for some reason bears the letter “S” on the hilt. Drifting in space for billions of billions of years, the sword finally reaches Earth and is heralded for Superman’s existence by his adoptive father Johnathan Kent.

When meeting the Man of Steel, the sword merges with Superman as one and for the Super hero This power is beyond anyone’s imagination. At that time, Superman became like a god with almost the ultimate power in the universe and the ability to understand almost the entire creation. But gradually when carrying the sword on Superman felt his humanity disappear, because he decided to break with this super weapon.


White Lantern Ring

While Green Lantern – Green Lantern and Yellow Latern – Golden Lantern, are the two forces we see the most, in the DC world there are still many different shades, representing each type of power possessed by emotions from living things. But above all White Lantern wields the ultimate power over all remaining pigments.

But what can the White Lantern Ring do? In fact, this ring contains all the power of life, which helps Hal Jordan turn all the superheroes of the Earth into the White Lantern and defeat Nekcron – the God of death and the standing. after the Black Lantern Corps.



The Beyonder is a unique cosmic entity with the power to transcend all dimensions in the universe Marvel. Like his species, the Beyonder is unique, and so when he saw the Earth with so many different identities, he aroused his curiosity. The Beyonder’s first action is to summon superheroes and villains to fight each other in a place called Battleworld.

But when Doctor Doom stole his power, the Beyonder was forced to rely on the help of superheroes to regain his power. However, even after that event, the mind of this entity still harbored countless question marks. Visiting Earth directly, the Beyonder conducted various experiments… such as destroying Death so that humans could live forever, though soon brought Death back because he saw it as an idea. bad. But the power used in the Beyonder’s experiment was stolen by Mephisto and aided him in the process of creating the Beyondersbane machine with the power to blow the Beyonder away.


Miracle Machine

If Alibaba has a magic lamp, the DC world has a Miracle Machine because, as the name suggests, it allows anyone to fulfill their wishes, turning the owner’s thoughts into reality. And that’s what makes it one of the most dangerous weapons in the universe. Want the world to have no one, you just need to say, want to bring the power to surpass Superman, you just need to speak.. all is possible with the Miracle Machine. Due to some of its consequences, the Legion of Super-Heroes – a super hero force in the 30th century, locked it inside a block of Inertron – an indestructible metal in the future..


To be continued.

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