Codename CURE – Free download FPS Zombie is “fever” on PC

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The writer has a disease that many gamers out there can “sympathize” with… Yes, it’s Zombie addiction. Whenever there is any movie, book or game with a Zombie theme, the writer must touch it. The feeling of loneliness and despair facing hordes of bloodthirsty creatures that once carried souls is truly a unique experience that no other creature of the horror world can match. .


And that same hobby has let the writer know Codename CURE – title FPS Zombie completely free is receiving extremely positive feedback from the community. According to Steam’s Review system, Codename CURE’s rating scale is at “Very Positive”.. ie has almost perfect quality for a game product on this platform.


It is not difficult to see why Codename CURE is so loved by gamers. It’s like there FPS This game allows gamers to join a team of 5 with the task of cleaning up Zombie-infested areas around the world. To complete that mission, they have to go through maps with extremely complex textures.. from dark corridors to damp canals, all just to bring the bomb to a predetermined position and activated before the disease spreads. Faced with the endless stream of Zombies flooding in and the pressure from having to move forward at all costs, Codename CURE It really brings the gameplay scenes as tight as the strings.


In fact, Codename CURE has been tested for a long time, but only until the end of this year this FPS title officially released version 1.0. Through the new Update version, gamers will enjoy more different game modes.. from Survival with an infinite number of Zombies to PvP where gamers will confront each other directly.


With such a cool, cool and free FPS game, there is no reason not to download Codename CURE directly on your PC here:

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