Dragon Ball FighterZ suddenly summons Beerus and Hit to the battlefield

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The fans 7 Dragon Balls must be feeling extremely happy when receiving priceless gifts from Goku and his friends. There, when the Dragon Ball Super series was still in the most intense moments, the game world also had a representative in the top row. Yes that is Dragon Ball FighterZ – Title fighting games with a very cool combat system, showing the right image of the Anime and Manga versions.


Now Dragon Ball FighterZ will follow the world of 7 Dragon Balls even more by adding 3 very familiar characters on the Fan screen. Accordingly, right after playing Gohan and Kid Buu, Dragon Ball FighterZ officially launched Goku Black, God of Destruction Beerus and Hit – the strongest warrior of Universe 6.


But that’s not the only “gift”. Dragon Ball FighterZ bring to gamers. In addition to introducing 3 famous images in the Anime series, this fighting game also allows gamers to literally fulfill the wish of the Dragon God. Yes, right when the game is in progress, you can beg the Dragon God to give you a lot of advantages over the enemy. There you can choose to revive teammates or team characters, restore full health, increase strength or restore health over time.. However, to summon the Dragon God you must meet specific requirements. possible when participating in combat.


This is really an extremely interesting gameplay mechanism because it not only directly affects the gameplay, but also applies the details in the Manga and Anime world. The opportunity for gamers to put their hands on this new character as well as this unique gameplay system is not far away Dragon Ball FighterZ will officially release on January 26 next year on PC, Xbox One and PS4. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.


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