Top 5 generals causing the strongest damage Arena of Valor

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As everyone knows, in the arena games, the general’s damage level will partly determine the ability of that fighting side to win. Mobile League of Legends game is also not an exception, in the game we will have 10 fighting generals divided into 2 factions, but each general will possess a different ability in the level of damage will also change. abilities as well as the dependent class of that general.

Top generals with a high level of damage in the game Arena of Valor

Ambassador Lauriel – Pure Wings

Under those angel wings, many people initially misunderstood when thinking she was a pure angel, it must have been very wrong. Lauriel has the ability to deal magic damage to opponents, enemies damaged by Lauriel’s abilities will be hit by a curse. Enemies damaged by Lauriel’s skills will be cursed. The fourth stacking creates an explosion that damages enemies in range and slows their movement speed. Lauriel attacks and smashes her enemies with a magic circle dealing powerful magic damage.

Ambassador Lauriel - Pure Wings

Murad – The Time Wanderer

Murad is a champion with a powerful physical damage ability, his 4th attack continuously within 3 seconds helps Murad increase 5% of his physical attack. Murad unleashes his own powers, creating a multitude of illusion that attacks every enemy in the affected area continuously, dealing 150/215/280 (+0.68 AD) physical damage per wave. . During the cast, Murad cannot be attacked or selected as a target. Also, Shadow Shadows can only be unleashed after the seal is released, and immediately re-sealed after casting the spell. The skill set that Murad possesses is extremely scary and is more appreciated than the angel Lauriel.

Murad - The Time Wanderer

Raz – Majesty

Besides possessing vacuum punch and sublimation punch, of course, these punches will cause a tremendous amount of damage. As we mentioned in the most painful punches in League of Legends, when Raz launches a sublimation punch, just the wind will cause damage to all the soldiers around. The level of magic damage that Raz brings makes every opponent to be wary when the entire internal and quintessence will be poured into the blow, the other opponents will hardly stand up.

Raz - Majesty

Zuka – The Great Bear Cat

Zuka is the latest general to appear in League of Legends Mobile and immediately won the hearts of gamers. Zuka’s specialty is in the extremely powerful skill set when possessing everything: No energy, many control effects, mobility, resistance and especially the ability to stack damage. extremely terrible.

Zuka - The Great Bear Cat

Sun Wukong – Qi Thien Dai Thanh

The attack of the Monkey King is definitely not discussed anymore, as we know each swing of the hand is all the power that is put in to deal damage to the opponent. Each time Wukong unleashes a move, his next basic attack is empowered to deal physical damage, and at the same time causes him to immediately close to the target.

Sun Wukong - Qi Thien Dai Thanh

Above are the top 5 generals with the highest level of damage in the game Arena of Valor, hopefully with the list of generals above you will have the most appropriate choice for your strategy with your teammates.

Wish you have fun playing the game.

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