How to change “Support” when playing Mobile League

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Although the Arena Mobile game has just been released not long ago, it has quickly captured the hearts of gamers. Game League of Legends Mobile brings us a fierce arena with 5vs5 group battles of powerful generals. Basically, the skills of the generals were formed from the beginning, but the additional features in Mobile League will be able to change with each match. All of those plugins will more or less help you fight according to your own predetermined strategy, in addition it also enriches the options for players depending on the game. To play the game League of Legends Mobile you need to have 1 account Garena Or login through your account Facebook to join the game server.

How to change the “Add-ons” feature in League of Legends Mobile

“Add-in” can be said to be a side feature, but it is indispensable to win or even save the player’s character, and this “Add-in” is completely changeable. if you know how.

Step 1: You log into the game and choose the game mode as usual.


Step 2: In the main interface of the game, you look at the list on the left hand side, touch the item “Supplementary“to see a list of the plugins you currently have and their specific effects (the higher the level, the more).

See list of Add-ins

Each level up at a different level will receive a new Summoner.

List of Add-ons

Each of these add-ons will have a certain effect during the course of the match.


Step 3: Select the game mode you want to join.

Match mode

Step 4: In the player character selection section, after you’ve finished selecting Heroes, tap next wordSupplementary“to change list. Remember to touch text ok, because the image part will only show its effect.

Choose "Supplementary"

Step 5: The list appears, you tap the Add-ins you want to use Choose.


Step 6: The add-in will be changed. Click OK to enter the match.


And we have changed to the default Add-in “Speed ​​running“.


This way, depending on the Hero, enter the mode you are playing and choose a suitable “Add-In”. This is also one of the useful tips for us to easily win when playing League of Legends Mobile.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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