How to upgrade soldiers in the game Clash of Clans

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With each game, regardless of genre or type of game, players are also required to go through an operation called upgrading. This is the process in which players make their characters, cities and locations stronger, faster, more advanced, and thus the playing process and winning will be easier.

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The upgrade during gameplay is especially important with the genre of strategy games, action games, or adventure games, game Clash of Clans is also one of them.

Instructions to upgrade soldiers in the game Clash of Clans

In-game upgrades not only show the player’s level, but also show each person’s understanding of the game, their chosen character or object. However, not everything is fine, as long as the upgrade is successful, it is completely wrong thinking.

List of soldiers in the game Clash of Clans

The upgrade of troops in the game in general, in clash of clans in particular, is not only a task, but also an art with specific calculations. How to be able to both upgrade, while consuming the least time and material. The following article will guide you to upgrade art in the game Clash of Clans.


  • To upgrade the soldiers in the game Clash of Clans, players need an upgrade – Laboratory.
  • There are many different levels to upgrade troops, and later levels will consume more resources than the previous level.
  • The resources that can be used to upgrade troops are gold and oil.

Talking about basic upgrades, there are no rules or rules, depending on the playing experience, habits, goals and abilities of each player, each resource available that each other player. Each other will have different ways to apply to their own army.

You can refer to the following ways:

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 3: Archer – Goblin – Barbarian.

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 4: Giant – Wall Breaker.

Conditions for upgrading troops

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 5: Archer – Giant – Goblin – Wizard – Lightning Spell x2. Starting from this Town Hall, in addition to upgrading troops, we also need to add more magic to farm better. If you do not know what Lightning is, you can learn more about it as well as other Another kind of magic in the game Clash of Clans in the post of the same name.

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 6: Giant – Wall Breaker – Healing Spell x1 – Wizard – Lightning Spell x1. The higher the level of Town Hall, the more difficult it is. In addition to Lightning, players also begin to need the help of healing magic – Healing.

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 7: Archer – Dragon – Barbarian – Rage Spell x1. Among the spells that can be used in the game Clash of Clans, Rage is probably the most used magic. As for the Balloon, when we haven’t reached Town Hall 8, we still don’t need to upgrade.

At this level, just use Lightning Spell x3 to easily defeat an Air Defense, then drop the Dragon into a sweep. Very quickly, any opponent’s Town Hall 7 will bring 3 stars for you. This tactic is also known as Mass Dragon (ie the Clan War tactic uses 100% dragons to attack).

In addition to Mass Dragon, there is also Barch (a combination strategy between Barbarian – Archer) Giant-Healer or Giant Biz to farm Dark Elixir and make money to buy Barbarian King.

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 8: Archer – Dragon – Hog Rider – Barbarian – Wizard – Wall Breaker – PEKKA – Golem – Rage Spell x1 – Healing Spell x1 – Balloon. And if you still have enough resources, or want to upgrade anything more, you can choose as you like.

Archers will help the farming process more smoothly, and Dragon is still the first choice if you want to earn more Dark Elixir, moreover, since there are many Hog Riders in this Town Hall, we need to incubate. and upgrade this army type (to level 4) as quickly as possible (upgrade Hog Rider with Dark Elixir).

Tactic "all dragons" in the clash of clans


Since Hog Rider is the type of army that takes more incubation time and Dark Elixir than King, so if you want, you can also upgrade while King while upgrading Hog Rider.

From Town Hall 8 and earlier, Dragon is extremely beneficial because the Air Defense is still few and loose, however, in the second half of this Town Hall, almost all bases will be full of Air Defense, the use of Dragon to attack is no longer effective, we need to change tactics.

Can use Goblin – Wizard – PEKKA, or 2 PEKKA, Goblin – Wizard – Valkyrie, or Mass Hog Rider.

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 9: Archer – Balloon – Hog Rider – Barbarian – Jump Spell.

In addition to Archers, the Ballons are also extremely useful in Clan warfare and farming from Town Hall onwards, so quickly upgrade them (at least to level 3). With Level 5 Balloon or level 5 Hog Rider, it is normal to earn two or three stars for each enemy base. Furthermore, since Hog’s attack targets are defensive points, if combined well, this type of unit can engage in a variety of strategies.

In particular, in this Town Hall we will be using Spell Jump. Although it is extremely cheap to level up this Spell, the quality is too good. With double the effect time of level 2 (up to 40 seconds), the player will have a huge advantage when using this spell.

Ordering to upgrade at Town Hall 10: Archer – Wizard – Lava Hound – Freeze Spell.

These are the top 4 priority upgrades in this Town. Freeze has the highest cost of upgrades, but what it offers is worth it. And when it is possible to reach this level, the player probably does not need any further assistance.

Above is the tutorial to upgrade troops in the game Clash of Clans. would like to say, this is not a standard, a recipe at all, but just a little guide, to help players feel less surprised, better acquainted with this extreme strategy game. stop it.

Create and apply your own tactics to become the best player!

Wish you have a good time of entertainment!

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