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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the versions of the series GTA Street Pirates extremely famous today. For game enthusiasts, this game is too familiar but for some newbies perhaps just the terminology in the GTA game Settings is enough to make them difficult.

If you are not familiar, right from the game installation interface, you may be confused, not to mention those with poor English, it is even more difficult. In setup of this game there are two main parts, which are the installation of the graphics driver (Graphics) and the Advanced (Advanced Graphics).

Graphics game installation terms Grand Theft Auto V

DirectX version A kind of graphics library. Higher (DirectX 11) more effects and increased efficiency in hardware usage. But if the computer is not powerful enough, it is possible to go lower (DirectX 10).
Resolution Your computer screen resolution. It is recommended to set it in standard monitor mode.
FXAA Fast-Approximate Anti-Aliasing – an anti-aliasing way for game visuals. Although it consumes the least resources, but it is also the least effective, if you accept “yes more than no” then you should also know that it will make some textured surfaces a little blurred.
MSAA The full name is “Multisample anti-aliasing”, effectively anti-aliasing but also consumes many resources. Simply put, it will make the scenery and environment in the game smoother and more beautiful.
NVIDIA TXAA NVIDIA Temporal Anti-Aliasing, it can get around the downside of the MSAA. Not too resource-consuming, but ineffective by using it alone. And in particular, can not be used in conjunction with FXAA to avoid error (should be used with MSAA).
V-sync It can be understood that the adjustment feature helps to balance and synchronize the picture signal from the graphics card to the screen according to a certain standard to help the smooth and beautiful game image (creating the most stable FPS. ).
Pause on game focus loss Smart tuning, help the game automatically Pause if the player exits the screen play.
Population Density Proportion and density of objects such as vehicles, city people, dogs, cats … within the standing range of the main character.
Population Variety Adjust the variety of “supporting characters” in the game (pedestrians, vehicles, animals, trees …). If this number is high, the percentage of the same characters, the same will be less, and vice versa.
Distance Scaling Object distance. To get taller, more objects appear in front of them from afar. To be low, it will often feel like where to go, trees, houses, naturally appearing there (should have SSD).
Texture quality Surface texture (resource consuming).
Shader quality Light quality covering the surface of an object.
Shadow quality Quality of shadow.
Reflection quality Image quality is reflected (not very important).
Reflection MSAA Anti-aliasing in reflections.
Water quality Water quality, the higher the better.
Particle quality The quality of the “particle” effect (quality of dust, smoke, explosions …).
Grass quality Grass quality. GTA V constructs quite in detail about the shapes of these objects. It is best to go High.
Post FX Effects filter contrast, color between time frames of the day, between environments …
Soft Shadow Create more realistic shadow effects, often choose Sharp.
Motion blur strength Blurring the scene when there is action, making the game more stable, not lagging, jerky when the FPS is too low.
In-game depth of field effects Simulates the Camera mode with large aperture (aperture), causing the scenery behind the captured subject to blur.
Anisotropic filtering See more distant objects (preferably 16x).
Ambient occlusion Create a simulation of shadows at different angles and edges of the object. Or the shadow of the object itself and its surroundings.
Tesellation Highlight flat surfaces such as walls, paths.

Pictures of the game

Terms in the Advanced Graphics of the game GTA 5

Long shadow Long shadows of characters and scenes – The effect is gentle and romantic at sunset and sunset.
High Resolution Shadows Doubles the detail of shading types (like trees, fences …) and is extremely resource intensive.
High Detail Streaming WhileFlying Increases detail, clarity, and ground-level visibility when flying overhead (past the Scaling Distance setting).
Extended Distance Scaling Increase detail (shape, color, sharpness, appearance time …) with distant objects.
Extended Shadow Distance Increases the clarity of shadows with distant objects and objects, but also consumes machine resources.

Above are terms in the Settings of the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) famous street. Hopefully, with these instructions, you will know what kind of effects to use or not to use, how much to use them to get the best game quality without affecting your computer’s performance.

Updated: September 29, 2017

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