Common Terms in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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First-person shooter game CS: Go

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an extremely attractive first-person shooter. Join the game you will be joining a terrorist or anti-terrorist team, fighting each other in a variety of maps and rescuing hostages.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The same, similar DotA, Raid, GTA 5 good Overwatch CS: GO also has its own terms, which help players communicate with each other more easily, understand what their teammates need or want to quickly take advantage of this fierce battle. So invite you to consult the detailed content in the article below:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The terms in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Basic terminology

  • CT (Counter-terrorist): Police party
  • T (Terrorist): Bandit party
  • Cover: Support
  • Hold: Keep position
  • Rush: Non-stop push, even flash eating
  • Push: Push out
  • Shift: Walk
  • Hold site: keep the site
  • Utility: Dark refers to general grenades
  • Full nade: Up all the grenades. There are 2 main types: 1 grenade, 1 smoke, 1 flash and 1 molotov Or 2 flash, 1 smoke and 1 molotov.
  • Molly: Abbreviation of molotov (fire bomb).
  • Glass cannon: Buy AWP without buying armor
  • Split: Detached. Split push means separating and pushing
  • Scrim: 5v5 practice between teams. Search scrim: Find teams to shoot, practice
  • Kobe: Kill people with nade
  • Save: Keep life, keep gun, when aiming can’t win the round or the health is too weak
  • Wallbang: Drill the wall
  • Boost: Have your teammates sit down to jump on top of them to climb a higher position, or stand above their heads to watch.
  • Camp: Stay at the watch position, don’t move or support no matter what.
  • Care (Care A, Care B): Watch A, watch B. Use it as a reminder so as not to be distracted.
  • Crouch Jump: Sitting and jumping, press Ctrl + Space to climb.
  • Bunny Hop: Continuously jump without any slowdown, the dance technique is quite difficult.
  • TK (Teamkill): Kill you.
  • FF (Friendlyfire): Shoot teammates.
  • Burst: 3-shot mode (famas and glock)
  • Runboost: The two men overlapped running to get the momentum to jump higher and farther.
  • Spam: Shoot continuously by clicking the mouse continuously at the fastest time possible.
  • Spray: Fired bullets.
  • Tap: Shoot one at a time.
  • Control recoil: Adjust the bullet path when firing.

Position in Team

  • Tanker / Rambo: Players take the lead wherever they are, leading the rush, using powerful melee weapons like shotguns.
  • AWP / Sniper: The team’s sniper, often the best shooter in the Team because of the position of primary damage, holding the AWP, rarely dies. Sniper has to be very stiff.
  • Pede / Gay / SWAG: People often use semi-automatic sniper rifles like SCAR or G3SG1.
  • Condom): M4A1 with silencer or gun holder.
  • SMG: Submachine guns or gun holders.
  • Shotgun: The shotgun guns or the person holding the gun.
  • Rifler: Other rifles except the AWP or the person holding the gun.
  • Support (er): Main support for teams, buy grenades, flash, smoke, decoy, and defuse bombs to support your teammates.
  • Captain / Leader: Team leader, commander.
  • Stratergy Caller / Tactician: The one who sets the strategy for each game, usually the Captain or the best shooters.
  • Solo: Guardians of a position on the map without the help of a teammate.
  • Bomber: People holding bombs in the map to place bombs.
  • Camper: Specializing in hiding dangerous corners waiting for the enemy to come and then shoot secretly.
  • Carry: Beat the team, usually the big hands.
  • Carrier: Not only carrying the team, but also motivating the spirit of the brothers to victory.
  • Entry fragger / Attacker / Tanker: The person entering the bombing area to take down the defending enemy.
  • Clutch (er): The last member of the team has to fight 3-4-5 alone.
  • Lagger: The player has a towering number of pings.
  • Lurker: Watch, wait for the enemy to enter a negative position, then jump out.
  • Baiter: Specializing in taking advantage of teammates, waiting for teammates to harass the enemy then burst in to eat.
  • Pro: Big hands, high level.
  • Noob / Chicken: Low submission.
  • Throw (er): Playing down should turn off, leaving teammates in difficult times.
  • Derank (er): Players with high ranks want to lower ranks to find the match easier, so they intentionally lose to lower the rank.
  • Cheater / Hacker: People who use fraudulent methods.
  • Bet (er): Bet or place a bet.
  • Trader: Buy and sell items such as furniture, guns in the game.

Other common words

  • Rifler: Dark only AK / M4 users.
  • 1G: Talk about people who died in fire.
  • Noob: Neglect only bad players.
  • Demo: Replay of the match.
  • Afk (Away from keyboard): Hau just act on the game without playing.
  • Gh (Good half): Say when the first half is over, show the spirit of sport.
  • Juan Deag: Shoot in the head with a deagle.
  • Wall: See through the wall.
  • Aimbot: Self-aligning head.
  • Spin bot: Turning around, the enemy collapsed to death at home.
  • Ninja defuse: Sneak and defuse bombs so that the enemy does not know.
  • GG (good game): Say when the game is over, whether you win or lose, it is a show of sport. Or the other meaning that people often use in battle is surrender.
  • GGWP (Good game wellplay): Similar to GG.
  • Flank: Tire hook, hit from behind.
  • Clutch: Be the last person alive and win that round.
  • Ace: Alone clean the enemy team.
  • Timing: The moment, often here refers to the decisive moment.
  • Sneak: Stalking.
  • Top frag: Top of the table, the most killer.
  • Pick, get a pick: eat odd net. Picked meant to be killed.
  • Carry: Beat the team, usually the best.
  • Ez, ezpz: So easy.
  • Flick: Mouse scales action.
  • Jumpshot: Jump shot, which is often said to kill by jumping.
  • No scope: Awp / scout shoot without zoom.

Hopefully the above article will help you play this shooter more effectively, quickly communicate with other players.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

Updated: 11/13/2018

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