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Speaking of superheroes, we are talking about ultimate powers with abilities far beyond ordinary humans. Those powers are what makes them so special, whether it’s from spider bites or absorbing sunlight. However, throughout the decades of the village’s development comic superheroes, there are super powers that do not make the person carrying it become “cooler”, but even make viewers shake their heads and say “bullshit”. With that topic, readers, please join Emergenceingame.Com to point out 30 of the most ridiculous and “ugly” super powers ever below.

Communicating with… squirrels

There was a time when superheroes emerged thanks to the power of animals. Are from Spider-Man with spider abilities, TMNT born from four mutant turtles Beast Boy ready to transform into all kinds of species, it is really difficult to point out all the super heroes associated with animals. However, most of these superheroes take advantage of the abilities of predators or possess unique natural properties… but no one has ever gone to get squirrels to make super powers.


Yet the world Marvel there’s a girl like that. Name Squirrel GirlThis superwoman Squirrel inherits all the abilities of a rodent such as climbing trees, biting chestnuts as well as liking to dig through trash cans. However, the most typical super power of Superwoman Squirrel is communicating with… squirrels. Hopefully, when fighting crime, this girl can choose a place where many squirrels live. Otherwise…


Exactly, you didn’t get it wrong. If you feel disappointed in your face every morning when you wake up, stand up and be sad because you have just possessed the most special super power in the world of comics. The story begins with Mighty Man – one of the darkest entities created by a mighty mage. When a “host” is chosen, they can transform into Mighty Man with near godly strength. Of course, in addition to his transcendent abilities, this guy also has a handsome appearance and his assistant is a giant dog named Yukk.

In stark contrast to his master, Yukk is endowed with the most incomparable power in the history of mankind’s creation.. which is bad. Yes, in books and cartoons it is said that Yukk is so ugly that even if he takes the dog house out of his head, the most bloodthirsty, ferocious and deformed monsters in human history will also be terrified. but run away.


Super sexy

Hearing this, this power also makes sense when you easily make people turn to you, even command it at will. Just ask the sisters or gossip and you will know how powerful this power is. However, decades before that, the power of this super power was exploited by a man… man. Name Starfox, the superhero who has the ability to make anyone fall madly in love with him.. love him unconditionally. If the enemy is a woman, it’s not worth mentioning… but think about the fact that the majority of criminals are male and you will gradually imagine it.



There’s no limit to bullshit for Bibleman or had to translate under the name “Biblical Man”. Bibleman was first created in 1995 with the goal of turning young Americans to Christianity. However, instead of being as influential as the filmmakers wanted, The Bible Man became a virus that infects games, books and toys. It doesn’t have to be said that many of you already know what the power of the Bible Man is.. Yes, it’s reciting the Bible, from beginning to end. So if you belong to the alphabet, you can temporarily call yourself superman. (To be continued)


Remove hand

Arm-Fall-Off-Boy at first glance sounds like the famous Fall Out Boy band, but in reality this is a superhero with true superpowers. Yes, that superpower is the ability to take off an arm and use it to hit enemies. This super strength will give him the ability to reach more than a meter closer to the enemy.. just like when you use your arm as usual, only this can reach a distance of nearly a meter. So why not take up arms quickly?


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