PUBG VMC Season 1 Northern Qualifier – The heat of death table

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PUBG VMC Season 1 Presented by CubeTV just finished the Southern qualifier last weekend and now the attention of the fans continues to focus on Hanoi – where the Northern qualifiers are in the most stressful stages. In fact, after the first day of competition with the complete domination of Vikings Gaming In Group A, the gaming community is really putting their faith in a much more dramatic and fair Group B.

This is because Group B of the Northern Qualifier is considered a Group of Death of VMC Season 1 when meeting famous names in the community PUBG. There we have the presence of Maple Leaf Team, Gamehome Esport and VGSetup.

Gamehome Esports.

[​IMG]Maple Leaf Team.


However, it must be fought in battle, then the internal strength of each Team can be fully revealed and the names considered underdogs can completely emerge to compete directly for a LAN Final position. Not so that the Southern qualifiers have witnessed many times the “small and light” names suddenly overturned in the audience’s surprise. Therefore, readers should not take their eyes off the Banana Esports, Cong Boss Gaming nice VTV-Gaming along with many other Teams because maybe they could become a new star in this tough Group B.

Group B will officially start at exactly 12 noon today on August 22. Readers can watch all 6 rounds of Group B of the Northern round of VMC Season 1 live by following the link:

List of main media channels that readers can follow Livestream of the match as well as information related to VMC Season 1:

Watch VMC on CubeTV at PC to dial to receive the code, cube ID: Cubeesports:

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