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SCUM – The survival game that counts every missing tooth… is taking down Fortnite

For starters, for those of you who don’t know yet SCUM is a title survival game Open world with gameplay system that simulates almost the entire human body. There, players, in addition to having to gather, gather and search for weapons, will also have to pay attention to their health, which is based on a series of internal systems and organs such as heart, liver, lungs, kidneys .. How you build your character and how you play will determine how these systems work, for example, if the character is old, the endurance will decrease over time but the intelligence score will be higher than that of the younger character. . You can even make your character addicted to alcohol, allowing you to own a certain skill but at the same time can lead to liver toxicity.

Not only that, SCUM can also count the number of broken character’s teeth after the fight, resulting in the player having to find a way to liquefy food to receive into the body, not being able to “consume” solid items as usual. That also determines how you will release into the environment, affecting the ability to be traced from other players. All of this makes for the most hardcore survival simulation game the virtual world has ever seen and will seem to make it difficult for the majority of players to access the game.


But we were completely wrong because as soon as the developer allowed SCUM to be livestreamed via Twitch before the official release date, the game immediately became one of the most popular names today. In fact, within 24 hours of SCUM’s Livestream, the game has risen strongly and chased after Fortnite to become the 2nd most popular name on this platform, pouring heat into the back of the Battle Royale representative’s nape. Epic Games.


On top of that, we also have to consider that SCUM is still in beta and has not been officially released, making the potential of this product even greater in the future. Not only that, with the Zombie element integrated into the game, SCUM promises to become a phenomenon like DayZ and bring back the hardcore quality of the survival game series. Therefore, the top position of Fortnite on Twitch is strongly threatened by SCUM and the possibility of dethroning is completely within the reach of this rookie.


Presently SCUM has launched as an Early Access version on PC and may officially release in the near future. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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