10 super abilities of gamers that ordinary people are always inferior to (P2)

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Overcoming difficulties and reputations

Indeed, when playing games and claiming to be gamers, we have become the target of attack and judgment by 90% of society out there. With the view of the previous generation with the game and the spread of negative information in the media, it is obvious that anyone who is involved in the game will also receive no more insulting eyes. However, despite these things, gamers still do what they like, still want freedom and no restriction more than anyone. It is also because the vast majority of gamers are gathered by young people, so the ability to express themselves is even stronger. Not so long ago, we heard a story about a teenage gamer who, despite being forbidden by his parents, was still able to go on to play professionally.​



This ability continues to develop from the intense concentration that the writer mentioned in the previous section. Once a goal has been set in mind, gamers will be determined to achieve it until the end, regardless of whether it will take hundreds of hours of plowing or requiring overcoming nearly impossible obstacles. Players who have experienced the Dark Souls series will understand this better than anyone because they have witnessed sudden deaths countless times. But their steadfastness and sometimes composure helped them reach the end of the most challenging journey in gaming history.


Sensitive hearing

This is even more true for professional and highly skilled gamers. This stems from multiplayer games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds where players have to use sounds to determine the direction of an enemy’s attack. Sometimes with just the slightest sound, players can determine the direction of the enemy or know what area they are in. With the sound technology used in the game becoming more and more advanced, this skill will probably become even more popular in the future.



There are always people out there who want to try thrills in the entertainment world. As horror movies become more popular, people who want to test their bravery also become more. But the movie is really nothing compared to the game when the player still has to interact with his surroundings. This is even more true with VR games, where you will be thrown into another world with a lot of weird things surrounding you. However, there are still true “superheroes” who are ready to go from start to finish those games with nerves as strong as steel. Imagine throwing a normal person into a VR horror game, they don’t faint from the first second.


Foreign Language

Believe it or not, a lot of people have improved their vocabulary through playing games.. especially plot-focused games. Just like the method of learning languages ​​through movies, players just need to play games with subtitles for a long time to completely improve their skills. Of course, aspects such as grammar still have to use formal learning methods, but we can’t deny that the foreign capital that gamers have is extremely rich… much more capable than the average person who doesn’t play games.


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