PUBG – ReShade tool to help see the enemy better will be locked

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With gamers PUBG, gun skill and tactical mind will be nothing if you can’t detect the enemy. In front of a large map with complex terrain and obstacles everywhere, identifying enemies in the scope will help you destroy the threat before they can do the same to you. That’s why the PUBG community has so far relied on a pretty famous game image tweaking tool called ReShade to help improve its vision.


For those of you who don’t know, ReShade works like an Instagram “filter”, which allows gamers to tweak the brightness, contrast, color and many other aspects of the image on the screen. . This allows dark areas in the game to be more easily seen while distant objects are also better defined than normal. The father of PUBG is Brendan Greene also confirmed that using ReShade will not be “banned” as this is not a Hack/Cheat tool.. however this will be changed in the future.


Accordingly, the moderator of the official PUBG forum has just confirmed that ReShade will soon be blocked by PUBG along with the introduction of a new anti-Hack method. In fact, ReShade itself is completely “innocent”, however some Hack tools are taking advantage of this software to infiltrate PUBG .. and thus forcing the development team to stop.


One point worth noting is that the developer did not say that ReShade users will be locked out of their accounts, but only “blocked” from using this tool. So if you use this tool for other games, you don’t have to worry much.

Currently, PUBG has also launched a new Patch with the modification of the desert map for gamers to have more hiding places. Currently, this Patch has not mentioned anything about blocking ReShade, but perhaps in the next Update this issue will be mentioned.

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