Top 15 most terrifying weapons in the world of superheroes

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Although the world of “superheroes” is a place filled with people who carry extraordinary powers with only their bare hands… but the ultimate weapons are still used in martial arts. Even those weapons became a part of the personality that helped the warriors steal so many fans’ hearts. Therefore, readers, please go along with Emergenceingame.Com to call out the names of the magical weapons in the world Marvel and DC soon..

Mother Box

As a square block that does not have a special shape, but Mother Box is an inseparable object of the New Gods in the DC world. Described as a living computer with a multitude of different abilities, the Mother Box connects to and draws energy from “The Source” itself – the life force for the entire universe as we know it. Although it has many potential powers, the main purpose of the Mother Box is to open the door to the space-transport system called “Boom Tube”, allowing the user to appear anywhere in the universe. river. Each Mother Box will carry a unique connection with the user and when its owner dies the Mother Box will also explode on its own.. It is Darkseid who regularly uses the Mother Box and Boom Tube to bring in his army. come to attack the Earth as well as escape when in danger.


Mobius Chair

In the DC world, Mobius Chair is like a version of Mother Box with absolute power and ability to transcend space and time. Created by Mobius aka Anti-Monitor, this chair aims to discover the cause of the formation of the “antimatter universe”. After meeting a new god named Metron, Mobius gave this chair and officially made Metron the “God of knowledge”. Because it was created with the goal of serving the owner on the journey to discover all the mysteries of the universe, Mobius Chair can travel through space, through time, and even reach other world dimensions.. wields the power to protect the user and attack hostile forces with the power to shake an entire planet.

After the wars between the Justice League and the Darkseid/Anti-Monitor troops, Batman who sat on the Mobius Chair and became the new “God of Knowledge”. It was at that moment that he learned the identity of who had killed his parents.


Helmet of Fate

While Mother Boxes or Mobius Chairs carry absolute power in technology, Helmet of Fate is a symbol of the most powerful magical power.. Along with Amulet of Anubis and Cloak of Destiny, Helmet of Fate is for the chosen. the power of Doctor Fate – a warrior serving Nabu – the “God of Order” in the battle with the forces of chaos.


When worn on Helmet of Fate, it will give the user countless magical powers with almost limitless power. Advantages such as super strength, super speed, super intelligence, the ability to control things, travel between worlds, and even immortality are just a few of the powers that this Helmet brings.



Well, when it comes to the most powerful weapons in the superhero world, we can’t help but mention the famous hammer of Thor. The story of Mjolnir begins when the God of Tempest – a terrifying cosmic storm that threatens to destroy Asgard is approaching. Fighting against the God of Tempest day after day, Odin eventually weakening it and sealing the storm into a piece of Uru metal. From this piece of metal, Odin then cast the mighty hammer Mjolnir. However, immediately after casting Mjolnir, Odin still could not restrain this hammer. With the power of the God of Tempest still struggling inside, Mjolnir flew everywhere and rattled Asgard. In the end Odin had to cast spells on the hammer until the God of Tempest died and its power became more stable. As we know later Mjolnir was given to the God of Thunder Thor.


According to legend, Mjolnir contains power beyond anyone’s imagination. It can survive the sun’s extreme flames and endure energy rays that can destroy an entire planet. Inside it contains the power that can blow up an entire galaxy and engulf a fifth of the universe in a sea of ​​fire.


Destroyer Armor

When feeling lonely, the first universe called First Firmament created servants to serve. They are divided into Aspirants on one side – those who serve the First Firmament with one heart and always obey the First Firmament in creating life in the universe. On the other hand are Celestial – rebels who want their creation to develop, change and die to develop the universe forever. This led to a civil war called the Celestial War that occurred with victory on the side of those who stood up against their “father”. Celesital then travels across the universe and by their mysterious purposes they will judge whether a certain species is worthy to exist or not. Earth is one of them.


After the Celestial visited the blue planet for the third time, the breed promised that when the fourth time came back, human’s fate would be decided. Fearing the loss of Midgard, the three powerful guardians of the Earth, Odin, Zeus and Brahma decided to plan against Celestial. Odin from a metal form stronger than Uru created the legendary Destroyer armor, implanting in it the power of the three most powerful gods. With such crazy power, Detroyer has historically defeated both Thor and Hulk, enough to see how powerful its power is. Only to control the Destroyer one must have as strong will as Thor or his father Odin.


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