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Sneaky: My being on the bench at Cloud9 was ‘totally unworthy’

Sneaky is one of the players LoL America’s most famous, has played at the highest level since 2013 in the lineup Cloud9.

Gamer This quickly became famous as soon as he joined the team and almost immediately became a huge fan base.

At the Prize world champion 2019 ending in early November, the teams tried to improve their roster throughout the tournament. In a very unexpected change, Cloud9 let Sneaky in bench seathe recently shared his thoughts on this.


In one session live stream on November 19, Sneaky explained that he was sitting at benchsay “There are some people who don’t want to play with me anymore. Not me, they want a new bot laner.”

He added: “I didn’t agree with that opinion… I said it was the wrong choice.” Sneaky was unimpressed with C9’s decision and expressed disappointment throughout the stream.


American gamer then went on to say that C9 had suggested he fight to get his place back.

However, Sneaky did not accept the offer. English link: “I don’t want to do that, that’s not what I really agree with. I wouldn’t feel comfortable fighting for a position when there are people who don’t want me there.”and then added that he felt his work sit on the bench is “totally unworthy”.

He then talked about his future plans, citing three options. He can temporarily take a break from the gamejust focus on the livestream or join a new team for the new season.

Sneaky is still undecided about his future, but is one of the gamers League of Legends America’s most famous, he has absolutely no shortage of options.​

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