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Games titles FPS is always the hottest topic in the gaming industry, attracting a large number of players.. However, not everyone has a rich wallet to spend 50-60 dollars for a license key, so the products are labeled Free to Play. always the first choice. Ironsight – FPS title from Korea under hand Aeria Games.. is a prime example of that.


Bringing a gameplay style that is no different from the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty, Ironsight will let gamers enjoy the fierce gunfight with the most insane pacing. Officially entering the Open Beta phase recently, Ironsight is ready for you to download to your PC completely free from today. All you need to do is go straight to the link at the end of the post to register for an account and download Ironsight right now.


Set in 2023, Ironsight takes players to a world corrupted by war. There, global power is contested by two main forces.. One is the Energy Development Enterprise Network – Energy Development Corporation Network (EDEN) and the other is the North Atlantic Federation – the North Atlantic Federation. Yang (NAF). The two sides, with their own private military forces, are constantly engaged in skirmishes for control of energy-rich areas of the Earth. Join one of two factions, you will become a mercenary following the call of money and power.


Ironsight has a gameplay style quite similar to Call of Duty, especially the Modern Warfare versions .. when gamers are immersed in gunfights at extremely high speed in a narrow map. That’s why the melancholy headshots or kneeling before the enemy are decided in a split second. In parallel with Ironsight there is also the Killstreak system, allowing players to activate technologies or weapons on the battlefield when killing many consecutive lives. For example, you can activate the Drone to spy on the battlefield, call for a support robot or activate a pre-emptive helicopter with a terrorist machine gun.

Ironsight’s graphics platform is also quite eye-catching, allowing gamers to enjoy realistic 3D scenes and heavy weapons in hand. If you want to enjoy blockbusters FPS Online this game right now, readers please visit the link below and download the game for free today:

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