Fortnite – A series of accounts have money stolen, NPT is too slow to respond

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For those readers who don’t know yet Fortnite is a free game but has an in-game paid option. This gives gamers who want to invest in Fortnite the opportunity to own more unique Skin classes and content without causing Gameplay imbalance. However, it raises another problem.. Yes, it is Hacking accounts to steal money.


Accordingly, since Fortnite’s system does not require any more step verification in in-game payments, once hackers have account information, they can calmly buy anything they want. The way these hackers work is to log into the game, perform a “package upgrade” to the Founder Pack with a bonus of a Starter Edition which is for players to give to friends. However, instead of giving it to anyone else, they will use the Starter Edition to sell on the black market from which to make a profit for themselves.


What is remarkable, however, is how Epic Games react to the situation. According to Kotaku, a gamer named Robby had his account locked by Epic Games after they discovered that Hackers tried to steal his information many times. Robby received the Epic Games email notification and then he followed the instructions in the Email to contact the developer again to find a way to unlock his account again. However, in return, there was no response from Epic Games. Robby continues to use the account help section on the Epic Games Official Website, but he cannot log in because his account was previously locked. It almost becomes a vicious circle and there is no specific help from the developer.


According to Kotaku, 10 other gamers also reported the same situation when Epic Games did not respond to them for 1-2 weeks in a row. One said he was not resolved by Epic Games and unlocked his account for 13 days in a row for a theft for 300 dollars, while another was 9 days with 250 dollars. All they need is simply a response from a real person, not some mechanical system that automatically sends them an email notification. They also just want to log back into the account, change the personal information in it to disable the Hacker and continue playing the game like a normal person. However, all they received was a silence from the developer.

Responding to Kotaku’s question, Epic Games still has an entry confirming that preventing account hacks is their highest priority. Since then, Epic Games has pushed the number of support personnel more than 7 times and is expected to double the number available in the future. However, the question here is whether these personnel are directly answering the customer’s problem or not..

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