Ranking the 40 best Spider-Man versions of the Marvel universe (P2)

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Webslinger’s story has the color of a medieval legend, where mysterious and terrifying creatures proliferate. There a young man had a fascination and admiration for spiders, to the point where the Widow of the Web granted him their powers on condition that it was not used for personal purposes. But when his uncle was attacked by a bandit, the young man was forced to use his powers to save his loved ones, angering the Widow of Web. She immediately turned the boy into a humanoid but grew spider limbs, forcing him to take on the responsibility of an Avatarar to protect the Webwood forest forever..


Bruce Banner – Earth-70105

On Earth-70105, Peter Parker, due to no role model to follow (due to his uncle Ben’s death in World War II), became a wandering nomad who only knew how to play around all day. During one of his games, Peter accidentally got lost in the Gamma bomb test site and survived. But instead of continuing the life of a disoriented person, Peter becomes the giant Hulk after losing control during an argument with his friends. Raging everywhere, this version of Hulk is thwarted by Steve Rogers – a veteran who has just been called back to the draft and wears Iron Man armor. But unfortunately Iron Man was mercilessly killed by Hulk.

Dr. Bruce Banner, after learning the story and feeling guilty for his responsibility in creating the Gamma bomb, decided to research a cure for Peter Parker. He began by studying a spider that also survived the Gamma bomb test like Peter. But while not paying attention, he was bitten by a spider and changed the entire structure of his DNA. However, at this point Bruce Banner’s body has matured, so the ability to adapt to that big change is almost impossible. That’s why he fell into a situation similar to Hulk, becoming crazy and abusive for 2 years in front of SHIELD’s pursuit.

He was eventually arrested, given gene therapy and various drugs for many years, gradually gaining control of his strength and becoming the newest member of SHIELD. Spider-Man.


Mac Gargan

If you watched Spider-Man: Homecoming, you probably still remember the character threatening Vulture in the prison scene after the credits. Yes, that’s Mac Gargan, one of the very few people who is both Venom and Spider-Man. The man who became Scorpion was a private detective hired by Jonah Jameson to track Peter Parker and find out why he took the pictures. Spiderman so beautiful. But after many failed attempts, he was paid to participate in the experiment of crazy Dr. Farley Stillwell. Coming out of the experiment, Gargan reincarnated as a half-human, half-scorpion creature named Scorpion and confronted Spider-Man many years later.

But Gargan’s life took a new turn when the Venom Symbiote parasite attached to him. Becoming a new Venom and many times more monstrous than his old self, Gargan continues his journey of revenge on Spider-Man.. But it seems that fate has not stopped playing with this villain because not long after that he was accepted by Norman Osborn. Dark Avengers, help recreate the Symbiote clinging to the body and become a buggy version of The Amazing Spider-Man of the dark organization. In his new form, Gargan takes on the same form as when Peter Parker was previously parasitized by the Symbiote.


Max Borne

As a Spidey of the 23rd century, but Max Borne is always remembered as a Spider-Man with the most pitiful fate. With the main task of protecting the integrity of time, Max has always had to clash with Hobgoblin throughout his life. But no one could have predicted that Hobglobin was Robin Borne – Max’s biological daughter. Pain from here also began to pursue this future Spider-Man when he accidentally killed his daughter in battle and erased her forever from the timeline.

In the final chapters of his life, Max is murdered by the Chameleon – an alien with the ability to transform. It fooled Max by turning into Uncle Ben, causing Max’s life to end with a heavy burden in the hearts of fans.


Ai Apaec

No one knows what made Ai Apaec, but when the Moche people lived in Peru thousands of years ago, this creature was worshiped as a god. Taking the form of a man with the lower body of a giant spider, Ai Apaec has a brutal nature and is extremely bloodthirsty. Back in modern times, Ai Apaec was successfully captured by the US government in the jungles of present-day Peru.


There while being held next to Norman Osborn in a top-secret super-security prison under the ocean, Ai Apaec became part of his plan to build the Dark Avengers. Given a genetically modified drug by this villain, Ai Apaec shrinks into a form that closely resembles Spider-Man, except that it has six arms and is covered in black.


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