The Middle Earth Era – The National War Game has a super terrible Map that makes gamers crazy

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Continuing to be a role-playing game that many gamers in China are looking forward to introducing to everyone, released by Gaea, with the theme of national war, different from many current role-playing games, European-style games of the era medieval in which you will become characters such as the Hobbit, and characters only in mythology.


Middle Earth Era There are a total of 6 occupations, each of which will appear in different locations, for example Spirit will be in Tinh Than Coc, Hobbit will appear in Hobbit village. Because the location is different, the story at the beginning of the game also has differences, or it can be understood that the game does not have a specific plot.

The game has a very large map, so it takes a long time to move on the ground, perhaps the development team understands this problem very well, so in the game the system of daggers and mounts are also cleverly designed, players Just sitting on the mount, you can freely move around the map and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The development team also revealed that most likely in the future, they will design a mount that can sit two people. The game has a medieval European style, so the scene in the game will take you lost in the vast steppe.


As a national war-themed mobile game, the gameplay is also quite familiar to many gamers through games like Chinh Do or Long Hung Tranh Ba. Robbery wars always take place in the game, you have to apply a variety of tactics to enter the ultimate skirmish.

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