The 8 most anticipated RPG sequels of 2018 (P.2)

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Versions of the games RPG Legend is always one of the most anticipated things every new year. Some of those games will appear and satisfy the desires of gamers, others make us look forward to year after year. Here are 8 of the sequels that gamers are most looking forward to, and their re-appearance in 2018

4. Neverwinter Nights III


Thanks to the success of Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin 2, the classic RPG series of recent years has shown strong signs of revival. Therefore, many fans are looking forward to the sequels of classic games of this genre in 2018. However, according to what the writer has learned, Neverwinter Nghts (2002) is on the list. remade and will re-release this year. And of course, if you’ve focused on this game, the ability to develop a version of it at the same time is quite low.
Chance of re-export: Low

3. Dragon’s Dogma 2
Dragon’s Dogma is a game series that Capcom invested a lot of effort into. In 2016, they even released a remaster of the first game (released in 2012). We also know more, that Japanese gamers have been enjoying the Online version of Dragon’s Dogma (Dragon’s Dogma Online) for a long time. Obviously, with these investments, it is inevitable that Dragon;s Dogma will be launched by Capcom in the near future. As such, the only question is, can it be released this year.


The answer is very likely. More than 5 years have passed since the first version of the game was “aired”. Dragon’s Dogma is another very successful franchise. Therefore, with every passing year, the rate of Dragon’s Dogma 2 appearing is getting higher and higher. Besides, as mentioned above, Dragon’s Dogma Online has been completed for a long time, translating from Japan to the world does not take too much effort. Therefore, there is no story that Capcom lacks human resources for the Dragon’s Dogma 2 project. Therefore, it is very likely that the sequel of this legend will reappear in 2018.
Chance of re-export: Very high

2. Demon’s Souls 2
Another masterpiece of From Software, the father of the game series Dark Souls super famous. When Dark Souls III came out, most of the community believed it was the end of the legendary Souls series. However, is Demon’s Souls among these. When the “Shadow dice twice” trailer appeared, some people began to find a connection between it and Demon’s Souls. Could it be a sequel to this game? Or at least a remaster of Demon’s Souls?


The answer is still too vague, but at least die-hard Demon’s Souls fans still have the right to hope. However, the possibility that part 2 of this series will be released in 2018 is still very low.
Likelihood of re-export: Slightly low

1. Bloodborne 2
Bloodborne’s incredible success is a testament, that From Software can completely bring their “Souls” recipe to mix with new ingredients, in a new story, and still be able to. create a masterpiece. For many veteran From Software gamers, Bloodborne is considered as the best game after Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, because it not only retains the essence of this series, but also brings enough excitement. different. The world of Bloodborne has only been partially revealed, and From Software is certainly not stupid to refuse to create a sequel to this masterpiece.


When “Shadow Dice Twice” appeared, while a few believed it was a signal of the return of Demon’s Souls, a larger number in the community were convinced it was Bloodborne 2. They also make this point very firmly: A series of Bloodborne related items (figures, shirts, etc.) are released, a Card Game of Bloodborne and the manga “The Death of Sleep” is published. plan to appear in 2018. In addition, Yasuhiro Kitao – Marketing Director of Sony has just moved to From Software. Obviously, they have a big project that needs Kitao’s hands, and combined with the above data, all give an answer, that Bloodborne 2 is very close in sight.
Chance of re-export: Pretty high

Above are the 8 RPG sequels that the community is most looking forward to in terms of their appearance in 2018. Some are very likely, others are much less likely. However, nothing is certain, and who knows, all of them will appear in the next 12 months!!!?

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