Overwatch revealed dozens of extremely cool new Skins

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During the first week of Overwatch League, Blizzard new skins for all characters, inspired by teams Overwatch most famous in the world. A total of 312 new skins and gamers will have to spend money to own this collection.


As soon as you log in, each player is given 100 League Tokens, which is enough to buy 1 new skin. All gamers can receive this offer from now until February 13. However, after that every 100 Tokens will be sold for $5. So it takes 100 dollars to collect a full set of skins for 1 team, equivalent to 2500 Tokens for 25 character skins, plus 1 free skin is enough for 26.


Although Blizzard introduced this new skin as a way for fans to “support the home team during the season”, the reality is that the money that gamers invested in shopping last year went into the developer’s account. . Therefore, this year many gamers confessed that they only want 1 skin for their favorite character.

Skins of the London Spitfire team.

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