Thimbleweed Park – “Brain death” with the best adventure game Mobile

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3D graphics games… super products with earth-shattering combat screens.. blockbusters with guns flooding the screen… never lacking in the virtual world. But games with deep storylines with episodes that entice players to follow every step of the main character are still very rare on Mobile. But if you’re a person looking for that rarity that’s hard to find in the game territory Thimbleweed Park is the name you are looking for.


Presented in a very simple and somewhat bizarre 2D image, Thimbleweed Park easily makes many people want to stay away at first sight. However, when you go deep inside you will discover a crazy story of adventure, drawing players to the mysteries deep within the spooky park called Thimbleweed.


Thimbleweed Park takes gamers to the journey of FBI agents Ray and Reyes in the murder case at Thimbleweed Park with very unusual circumstances. There you will meet Chuck – the ghost of a dead person, Ransome – a cursed clown who has to wear a makeup for the rest of his life and Delores – Chuck’s niece who is a programmer. Each with a mystery behind the characters and words will challenge the player’s judgment to the highest level.


In the game, players will have 3 options when interacting with objects or people, thereby activating the corresponding effects or sentences. It sounds simple, but with the information that I have collected plus the countless objects that you meet along the way, gamers will have to use the ability to reason logically in real life to come up with a solution. then find your way.


Because the gameplay is more about thinking, the pace of the game has a slow and relaxed style, like you are “sipping” a novel in your hand. If you are people who want a quiet space, want to immerse in their own world and leave all the troubles out there, then Thimbleweed Park It must be the remedy to ease your heavy mind.

To enjoy Thimbleweed Park you can start downloading the game for free directly here:

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