Gamer Love Sword 3D “bumper” on the last day of the biggest event of the year of NPH Funtap

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On October 13, the event Fun Festival 2019 held in Da Nang has officially ended, closing the nearly 1-month journey of NPH Funtap. Thus, NPH Funtap has achieved “perfect” success when it has not only brought a very new playground to gamers, but also tightened the increasingly deep relationship between gamers and NPH.


Perhaps, right after the Fun Festival 2019 event ended, in addition to NPH Funtap, the person who enjoyed the most complete joy was none other than the gamer community of the game. Love Sword 3D. Thanks to owning a community of “millions of people”, Tinh Kiem 3D has always proved overwhelming in all large and small events organized by NPH Funtap. The best proof for that is the fact that Tinh Kiem 3D gamer has won all the great prizes of the recent Fun Festival 2019 event.

Get all the packages in the auction

Any gamer who attended the Fun Festival 2019 event that took place in Da Nang recently, has lived in an extremely vibrant atmosphere, because of the extremely dramatic and attractive auctions from games. player. With their “willingness to play”, of course Tinh Kiem 3D gamers proved to be completely superior when successfully auctioning almost all the packages with the largest value in the auction that took place at the recent event. via. Even, there are gamers of Tinh Kiem 3D who alone own 2 packages of Gold and Diamond.​


Lucky draw for VinFast electric motorbike

Surely what all gamers attending Fun Festival 2019 in Da Nang look forward to the most is the lucky draw with a special prize of a VinFast electric motorbike. True to what gamers expect, the draw has brought gamers’ emotions from holding their breath waiting for the lucky draws to screaming when being hosted by a worthy MC.

Once again, 3D Tinh Kiem gamer made his mark in the Fun Festival event by winning a special prize of a VinFast electric motorbike. It is true that in a day that luck smiled on the gamers of the game Tinh Kiem 3D.​

Gamer Baby乛Nam࿐ server 297 won VinFast electric motorbike

The Fun Festival 2019 event has officially ended, the gaming community is very satisfied and wishes that NPH Funtap will organize more events like this in the near future. As for the Tinh Kiem 3D gaming community, they can smile when they have achieved a lot of success in the last event.

All details will be updated at the game’s homepage and Fanpage

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