The International 10 announces the schedule and venue

TI10 Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

Valve just confirmed The International 10 is back.

Originally scheduled for August 2020, The International 10 was delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This most prestigious esports tournament will finally return after Valve officially announced the time and location of the event.

The International 10 will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from August 5 to 15, with a prize pool of $40,018,195. The group stage will take place from August 5 to 8, while the playoffs will start on the 10th of the same month.

Since the epidemic is still not completely controlled, Valve’s goal is “to find a way to organize a safe tournament of quality”. This means that for the first time in TI history, the tournament will not have a live audience at the venue. However, the possibility of fans attending is still not completely ruled out. “We’re waiting to share more details on our participation options as we gather information about the situation as the summer rolls around,” Valve announced about TI10, and will update more on the matter in June.

No new Battle Pass launched

Regarding the Battle Pass information for TI10, Valve says the final bounty is $40,018,195. This bounty was obtained through community contributions last year. This year, Dota 2 won’t have a new Battle Pass in it, but fans will get two more in-game events, which don’t add to TI10’s prize money either.

Information about TI10 places and qualifiers

There is currently no information on how many teams will qualify for TI10 through Dota Pro Circuitc scores as well as official information about TI10 closed qualifiers. Let’s wait for more updates from Valve.

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