Dota 2: Teams that qualify for the Kuala Lumpur Major

- Emergenceingame

Below is a summary of the 15 teams that have qualified for the Kuala Lumpur Major through the regional qualifiers. Joining them will be the DreamHack Minor champion team.


- Emergenceingame Team Secret- Emergenceingame Alliance- Emergenceingame Ninjas in Pajamas

Millions of fans around the world cheered: “Alliance is back”. And rightly so, Alliance is back. However, we can’t say much more than that the boys have returned to a Valve event for the first time in two years. The team won the right to the winner’s bracket thanks to a fairly easy group stage. However, the team still deserves praise when they beat NiP once.

As for Secret and NiP, these two teams have quality squads so the question is whether they have enough time to find cohesion. The answer is yes”. NiP won Group B – harder than Group A – after beating Team Lithium and Liquid, the two teams seen as the biggest threat to NiP. As for Secret, the journey of Puppey’s army went quite smoothly, as the team did not lose a game until they were sure of a place in the Major.


- Emergenceingame Emergenceingame ferzee

Not too surprised when VP made it to the Major. The team ignored the pain of TI8 and the only really annoying opponent was Team Spirit. The biggest surprise in the CIS qualifiers this time was ferzee. Up until that point, ferzee hadn’t gotten much attention, but in the series before Spirit, the boys showed why they deserve a Major. In two games that lasted more than an hour – game two almost reached a 2 hour mark – Ivan “VANSKOR” Skorokhod’s team defeated Spirit to help them secure tickets to Malaysia.


- Emergenceingame PSG.LGD- Emergenceingame Vici Gaming- Emergenceingame Team Aster

Many people hope that PSG.LGD will continue to play strongly like in TI8, no one thought that VG could win the right to go to Malaysia. This lineup didn’t seem strong at all, but they surprised viewers. They also beat PSG.LGD in the final final. Of course, this series is not very important, but victory is still victory.

The surprise of the Chinese qualifiers is definitely Team Aster. This is perhaps not a surprise when the team won the right to participate, but the way they did it was very convincing c. Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei has created a squad that could become a phenomenon in China.

Southeast Asia

- Emergenceingame Fnatic- Emergenceingame TNC Predator

When Fnatic’s new roster came out, the whole region went crazy. This is one of the strongest Southeast Asian squads we’ve seen, with ample experience and talent in every position. However, the lack of a true captain raises a big question mark. While we are not ready to clear this doubt until the team makes a breakthrough in the international arena, Fnatic is really strong. TNC Predator also seems strong. There was a time when it looked like the team would lose to Team Lotac, but the boys fought hard to become the 2nd Southeast Asian team to attend the Kuala Lumpur Major.

North America

- Emergenceingame Evil Geniuses- Emergenceingame Forward Gaming- Emergenceingame Marchoutofarmy

Evil Geniuses continues the success they started at TI8 and made it through to the North American qualifiers. The only downfall was when the team didn’t respect EE-sama’s confusing draft. The same thing happened with Forward Gaming, when facing Marchoutofarmy. Pick Batrider left the opponent with a loophole in game 1, but the team stabilized everything and made a successful comeback.

In the final team, this was considered the dark horse in the qualifying round and won the right to participate when defeating compLexity Gaming 2:0 in the losing bracket. both David “Moo” Hull and bryle- look very strong in the final sereis. The Core members wouldn’t have done a good job without the support from their supports, it seems Park “March” Tae-won hasn’t lost his cool after completing his military service.

South America

- Emergenceingame PaiN Gaming- Emergenceingame pay

What a memorable week for paiN Gaming. The organization at first seemed to have lost its famous roster and was about to sign a combined roster of South and North America. However, in the minute, the main lineup remained the same and now both teams qualify for the first Major of the Season. The main roster – which includes Aliwi “w33” Omar – is still the strongest in the region but paiN X shows they are fully capable of threatening their senior this year. This is not only good for paiN Gaming but also for the region. To get to Malaysia, these two teams had to play against lower rated teams, giving them time to learn. Dota needs South America and this is the big leap for this region.

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