Dota 2: Top 4 strongest supports 7.29 today

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Position 4 support is one of the most interesting positions to play in the current patch. The variety of heroes for this positon as well as the current economic situation in the game make it easier for support 4 to earn gold. Not to mention, the recent addition of Shard also allows more heroes to be tested as a support in the offlane. Here are the top 5 strongest supports currently in meta 7.29.


Winter - Emergenceingame

Winter Wyvern mainly plays in position 5 and this is why this hero makes this list. Usually, the difference between position 4 and 5 is almost non-existent, especially in low-rank pubs.

In low rank, you will feel very lucky to have a true support in your team. In most situations, instead of complaining about the squad being too greedy, consider picking Winter Wyvern position 4 to avoid the bad effects that the squad can bring. In addition, the Winter Wyvern still has an effective greedy play option if the circumstances allow.

Winter Wyvern is stronger later on in terms of items and levels, but the hero still has influence even without both. WW currently has a win rate of nearly 55% from Divine rank and above and this number is even higher at lower ranks. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t learn to play Winter Wyvern, especially if you’re looking for a super versatile hero to use in pubs. Tip: this hero can also be played in position 3!


The laning phase went unnoticed in 7.29 and this allowed Nyx to return in the meta. This hero is not too weak in the early game, but the low damage and medium health mean we pick Nyx only to use from the middle of the game on. Mid-game control is what players look for in this hero.

Currently, Nyx wins over 53% at Archon rank and above. As long as you can stun to hit 75% of the times there’s no reason not to pick Nyx. With so many AoE heroes blooming in the current meta, Spiked Carapace is reliable to use before launching the Imaple + Meteor Hammer combo.

Nyx is also one of the best spy heroes in the game. When compared to other stealth heroes, Nyx has a higher chance of survival if it goes into the sentry area. In addition, unlike other stealth heroes, Nyx has a built-in stun, which makes a big difference when opening combat.


dota 2 huong dan bounty hunter 7 21 - Emergenceingame

Bounter Hunter is currently playing quite well in the patch: over 52% win rate with high popularity. This means the hero is very reliable and a useful 4 support. Obviously BH is inferior to Nyx (statistics show), but there are many points for us to favor this bounty hunter.

The bottom line is that Bounty Hunter is very annoying in lane. Base movement speed 320, good health, damage and initial armor near 8. These numbers are a bit absurd in the early game. Plus the ability to reduce Net Worth from enemies and +70 bonus damage at level 1, this is why some gamers prefer to play Bounty Hunter over Nyx Assassin.

However, in the middle of the game, this hero started having difficulty in the support position. Track is a great move: it adds vision and gold to the team, but other than that, Bounty Hunter has almost no teamfight potential. Shuriken Toss is a decent nuke that can hit multiple targets, but not exactly great. Meanwhile, the rest of BH’s kit revolves around hand-swatting, which can be effective, but not the vast majority, especially when BH doesn’t have a bright start.

Overall, this is a hero worth exploring and experiencing, because BH has an above average record in the current 7.29. However, Bounty Hunter in the core position will be more reasonable than support 4.


dark willow - Emergenceingame

Dark Willow used to be a position 4 hero that could solo kill enemy cores in the late game. This causes the hero to be constantly nerfed and this is probably the biggest reason why Dark Willow has been ignored lately. Things started to change after many buffs as well as changes in the gameplay of Dark Willow. This hero is on the rebound.

Shard is probably the main reason why Dark Willow competes successfully. The Cursed Crown is often considered the weakest part of Dark Willow’s skill set, but it is made stronger by the Shard. With the battlefield filled with Bramble, the enemy will have a lot of trouble, especially the supports. The skill also became a more reliable control move.

When playing in the back, constantly tying both sides, instead of stacking damage is considered the best way to promote Dark Willow. Use Shadow Realm only to finish off escaping prey, or better yet, use it to save yourself. Stand too close just to Bedlam the enemy unless you’re sure you’ll survive the encounter and make an impact on the game. Stay safe, stay behind and give the glory to the cores. Of course, everyone knows that Dark Willow support is the real team carry hero.

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