PUBG admits lag bug in latest patch after version 1.0

PUBG admits lag bug in latest patch after version 1.0

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has moved to version 1.0 with lots of new content. Now you can play the new desert map: Miramar, with new weapons, more vehicles and a new climbing system. They are all very interesting. However, some players are still having difficulty while playing, because the server is always lagging and rubber-band.

The development team discussed these bugs in yesterday’s post, and released a new update – the first since 1.0 came out – to address these issues. Lag and rubber-band (which causes the character to recoil when moving) is partly due to the new content, as well as the technology upgrade in the game that causes the game to do so.

To fix the bug, the team “removed inefficiencies in the server system and increased optimization in the game server”. More precisely, they reduced “the amount of load when the game server started and fixed a few crashes in the server”. The good point is that you will experience less lag the next time you play.

It sounds like the PUBG Corp team. still not confident that these problems have completely disappeared. It’s clear that they’re still trying to fix it day by day in new ways. “After today’s update, we will be testing internally and gradually adding updates to mitigate this issue.” PUBG Corp. speak.

“We are currently looking at multiple metrics including optimization in the server and modifying the logic in the server to resolve the issues. In addition, we will do our best to find the remaining causes.”

This update also addresses some game bugs, mainly the distribution of players falling on the Miramar map’s servers too much compared to the original Erangel map. But actually, the chance to fall on both these maps is 50/50.

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