Dota 2: Top 7.29 strongest mid heroes today

Beastmaster Dota 2

For the first time in many years, the mid lane of Dota 2 has been impacted so much. Mid becomes less random thanks to power runes that are only available from 6 minutes onwards. Bottle being refilled continuously thanks to Water Runes and Bounty in the 3rd minute also removes a lot of pressure in the early game. In this article, we will take a look at the top strong mid heroes in meta 7.29.


Puck Dota 2

Puck is a pure mid hero who takes on the role of ganking and is currently playing very aggressively. Even with multiple nerfs, Puck is overwhelmingly influential at nearly every stage of the game. Puck can split push in unfavorable games, snowball in profitable games and continuously create team fight potential from 6 minutes onwards. Witch Blade seems to have unlocked Puck’s power to control the tempo of the match.

Tiny handled by IceFrog last year. The hero was nerfed in consecutive patches, forcing the hero to leave the meta. Icefrog soon rectified this mistake by adding a new Tiny Aghanim’s Shard, allowing the hero to regain his carry potential. Tiny currently balances magic damage burst and hand attack in the later game. Tiny’s burst damage isn’t as strong as before, but it’s still easy to knock out supports as well as destroy turrets quickly after the teamfight ends.

Windranger has long been the number one choice for those who like to try strange sensations. The tempo of the game now favors Windranger more and with many constant buffs, the hero is considered a carry hunter. And yet, for some reason, IceFrog decided to give Windranger the ultimate Ancient Apparation for 1400 gold!

Leshrac like a sports car. This hero mid wants to hit fast and dash on every journey. Unfortunately, in order to get fast speed, Leshrac had to trade with his fragile body. Hero is very difficult to survive long as well as run straight into the enemy without damage. Few heroes have as much damage in the early to mid game as Leshrac and the ability to effectively destroy turrets, but the low health rate makes Leshrac not promote his aggressiveness. Even with the presence of new items like Eternal Shroud to increase the buff, Leshrac is still a hero that can only perform at its best when supported by a rescue support in urgent situations.


TEMPLAR ASSASSIN - Emergenceingame

Templar Assassin represents another meta mid group. Although the greedy safe lane in the late game is trending up, there are still some games where players can apply carry in the mid. With the resources gained from Water Rune and Bounty, the mid lane can simply become a lane that is only responsible for pushing wave creeps and simple jungling. This is truly TA’s dream scenario. Stack Ancient is still what it should be. Meanwhile, Roshan is now a more important target in the early game thanks to dropping Aghanim’s Shard on the second Roshan.

Broodmother looks like a dead hero when we first read patch note 7.29, but we could be wrong. This hero is now the enemy team’s terrible nightmare. This is one of the strongest mid hero mid game today. One of Broodmother’s hardest ways to play before was to protect the baby spiders as well as herself. The hero’s true strength comes from the swarm of spiders that allow him to dive freely. Now, the Broodmother rework doesn’t have to worry about that and the old ultimate, seen as Satanic, is now a base move!

Invoker sooner or later return to the meta. Possessing a diverse skill set always opens up many avenues for this hero. Sometimes you can play actively using Urn of Shadows and Witch Blade. At other times, combining the setup with popular heroes like Legion Commander and Faceless Void means we have the right to go to the greedy Midas. The change in 7.29 gives Invoker an extra stat for the orb, making everything the hero does better.


Dota 2 Earth Spirit Storm Spirit Ember Spirit Void Spirit - Emergenceingame

It’s almost impossible for us to talk about mid without ignoring the Spirit brothers. It’s like Spirit has a separate meta of their own, not just a general meta in the game like other heroes. In the past, Earth was all over the place. At other times, Ember dominated Dota 2. At times, Storm spread fear all over the map and most recently, Void exploded in combat thanks to his tame mid ability. You know the impact the Spirits bring to the game, let’s rank their strength as follows:

  • Storm Spirit – Enough resources to live and farm, then turn hero ladder strong in mid and late game
  • Void Spirit – Too many nerds but still one of the most reliable gankers in the game
  • Ember Spirit – On the rise after several buffs and combos with heroes like Grimstroke becoming meta


Dota 2: Top strongest offlaner meta 7.27d

Beastmaster. Or to be precise, Axemaster? It looked like the Necrobook was wiped out and engulfed this hero, but after many nerfs for Aghanim’s Scepter/Wild Axes, Beasmaster still overwhelmed mid with his Q spam ability. It seems this hero has lost his old identity. Instead, we now have an overpowered spellcaster.

So who do you think is your favorite hero in mid? Please share your comments at the end of the post

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